Steven Universe 1.5: “Frybo”


So far, Steven Universe has mostly been cute and colourful: after all, it’s only season one. You can’t really get into the deep stuff right away. I mean, technically, you can do anything you want. But I can’t guarantee you would get a kids’ show on air without at least a few lighter eps to ease the audience into the show’s universe.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you this now, so I’m going to stop you right there: this episode is not going to break your heart. We have a whole lot of nice, cute eps to get through before turning on the waterworks.

However, you might have a moment of pause.

We find Steven searching for his beloved pants, which he seems to have misplaced. Pearls enters, protective bubble in hand, searching for a shard of some weird gem stuff that can turn into a monster if put near clothing. There’s not much more to the explanation, not because Pearl doesn’t say anything more, but because we adopt Steven’s point of view for a few seconds and we therefore miss about 90% of Pearl’s lecture. We do see Steven’s pants running by while Pearl and Steven talk, though.

I think we all know where the missing shard is. Pearl doesn’t though, and she walks out. Steven, still pantsless, finally spots his beloved blue jeans as they… stare at him? I don’t really know, obviously jeans don’t have eyes, but they’re sort of leaning toward him with the perspective and – yes, I am discussing whether or not Steven’s pants are looking at him. Meanwhile, Steven’s caught them and forced them onto his butt. I would feel bad for the pants but after all, as Steven discovers, they were possessed by the shard.

Steven immediately goes after Pearl to give her back the shard. Instead of her, he finds Peedee, the youngest of the family who owns BeachCity Walk Fries. The boy is inside Frybo (the shop’s mascot), trying to escape a bunch of seagulls addicted to fries. Steven ends up helping him and, eventually, using the shard to give life to Frybo while they go and be kids.

Except Peedee is not in a mood to appreciate the kiddy rides. Having a job, a “real” job as he tells it to Steven, seems to have stolen away his joy. Because the only thing you get from a real job, in the real world of humans who don’t get to save the world, is money. And money can’t buy anything worth giving away your life for.

Fortunately, the plot comes back before Steven or the audience can become as sad as Peedee. Both boys run back to the fry shop, where Frybo is out of control and trying to force feed the good people of Beach City, stuffing fistfuls of fries into their mouths. Peedee’s dad, thinking his son is in the costume, tries to calm him down, but he fails miserably. Meanwhile, Pearl finally arrives but is unable to take Frybo out. But Steven has a plan involving more shards and most of his clothes. He saves the day, and we leave our heroes at Frybo’s burial ceremony, where Peedee and his father make up and Steven is completely nude.

That moment on the seahorse ride, though, right?

See you next time!

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