Star Wars Rogue One: Dat Trailer


Star Wars! The Force Awakens came out last year and we’re getting another one this December. The trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One is fresh out of the oven. Here’s what the Buns have to say about it.



Honestly, it looks awesome! After the raging success that was The Force Awakens and the wonderful character of Rey, I’m quite looking forward to another female lead. And the haters that wouldn’t stop bitching about how the female character take of the film – shut the hell up!


I don’t know, dude. I know it’s blasphemy to say, but I haven’t really been impressed by the Star Wars franchise, like, ever. I damn near fell asleep during The Force Awakens. However, I won’t deny it, this new trailer looks hella awesome. I love Felicity Jones, I love that they casted Donnie Yen (MORE ASIAN ACTORS IN MOVIES PLS). I’m not entirely convinced by the “chosen one” cliche, and it weirds me out that they crafted and chose someone so similar to Daisy Ridley’s Rey. Or maybe I’m interpreting it wrong, but when your main character is a petite brunette white girl with amazing ass-kicking abilities, then maybe we need to take a second look at this thing we call “coincidence”. But oh well, I’m still looking forward to it!


So this new lady lead is Rey’s mom, right? Because if she’s not, I’m going to start thinking that every single human female character in Star Wars has to be a white brunette and I will be very displeased. You wouldn’t like me when I’m displeased. Putting that aside, I’m just loving the fact that we’re going to start exploring the in-between films, rebellion era. It makes me want to (re)watch Clone Wars and Rebels.

Actually, I’m going to do just that. See y’all in December.



Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, let me take a breath.

I totes get you, buns, you bring up some good points. It’s smart. You’re thinking real smart about thinking thoughts that I can’t quite activate in my brain parts because there’s so much adrenaline that’s fueled by irrational Star Wars passion flooding my neural network right now. I blacked out briefly during the trailer, I think. It’s all a blur. I’m just really excited about this movie. I’m going to take this ride and not worry too much about realism or marketing, because it’s Star Wars. It’s not real and it’s all marketing flim flam so I’ll buy Star Wars themed junk. Which I do. Imma just see what happens and decide if I love it like, a million bajillion times forever and ever, or if I just kinda want to have Rogue One‘s babies for eternity.'

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