Doctor Strange Trailer


A Doctor Strange trailer? Finally! Take it away, Buns!



Well, first of all I’ve got to admit that Doctor Strange is one of a few marvel fandoms I’ve heard of but never was involved in. It was not the movie I was looking forward to in any particular way, but despite not being the biggest Cumberbatch fan, I still liked the general idea. Until I learned more about the story of Doctor Strange found out that the Hollywood was once again on the white-washing spree. Haven’t we had enough? Are we ever going to stop casting white people as POC/Asian/Aboriginal characters? Marvel’s been screwing up pretty bad lately, but this is one step too far. Yes, the trailer looked amazing, but I don’t want to even begin to imagine what kind of backlash the film will get when it comes out.


I’m not gonna deny it, Benedict looks awesome as Doctor Strange – and I’m not just saying it because I used to be a Cumberbatch diehard. He’s proven himself as leading man material over the past couple of years and he has an undeniable talent for sucking you in with those gorgeous blue eyes and incredible acting range. Ahem, now where was I? Oh right, MADS MIKKELSEN? CHIWETEL EJIOFOR? RACHEL MCADAMS? TILDA SWINTON? MICHAEL STUHLBARG? Wow, Marvel really pulled out all the plugs for this one, didn’t they? I mean, at the very least, we can take comfort in knowing that even if the plot makes zero sense and the movie turns out to be a shit bag of dumb magic tricks, we can still drool and bask in the glory that is Tilda in androgynous character. But in all likelihood, this movie looks like it’s going to be amazing. Not like Ant-Man amazing, but like Iron Man amazing. Let’s stay tuned.


I’m in. It’s Doctor Strange, so I was probably in regardless, because you gotta do what you gotta do. And I gotta do Doctor Stephen Motherflipping Vincent Strange. I remember the first time I got his superhero card in Marvel pack, I was like… whoa, MAGIC is some next level mutant stuff, yo! Of course, then you read his books and he’s not really a mutant per se. But, you’ll all find out when you see the movie. It’s good, guys. This backstory is really cool. I agree with Nadin, buns, we should still be talking about the casting problem here. Which makes me uncomfortable because I love it when stuff gets all messed up for Avengers characters and they have to drop in on Strange… It’s always awesome. But the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach means something is donked up and we should be drawing attention to it.


Count me in for this friggin’ movie. It’s magic time, baby! I’ve never actually read the Doctor Strange comics but he’s a guy who uses magic. I love that. Bring the magic to me. Have I mentioned that I’m excited about anything involving actual magic? Maybe. But that’s not the point. The point is that this movie is about magic, which is amazing, and we have a pretty huge problem here, buns. I have nothing against Tilda Swinton, but why do they make such a big deal about setting this in Nepal or Tibet if none of the characters involved are asian? Hollywood, why no asian actors/actresses? I don’t want to hate this movie because of its cast but there is something wrong here. Roz is right. We should talk about this.'

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