X-Files Revival: We Have A Trailer!

It feels like reboots are the only thing we here about these days. Whether it is a good or a bad thing, no reboot is as religiously awaited as the X-Files’. Now, we have a trailer for the special 2016 mini-series, and oh boy! It seems like the Buns have two of the biggest X-Files fans among them. Let’s hear what they have to say.


Ok, X-Files, that terrorism open for the trailer was a bit weird, but you saved it. Oh, how you saved it. The X-Files has always had a nostalgic connection to American history, so it’s not too crazy to throw the whole show forward into a more modern context. I mean, we’re still seeing flashback material of fresh faced, white guy soldier types in the trailer. but, now we’re talking about drones and privacy. The government has never been scarier. Now is the time for Mulder, Scully, and some very relevant paranoia. I admit it, when I saw Skinner I got some concerning feelings. Have I been crushing on him all this time and didn’t notice? And, is that Joel McHale’s dulcet tones opening the trailer? IT IS. If it was possible to be more excited about a show, I’d probably combust in my apartment. Please investigate my fiery remains as an X-File.



Omg so many feelings!!! I honestly don’t know here to start. First of all, yay! It’s The X-Files, the love of my life and all that. It’s the one TV show that got me into TV shows, and aliens, and all things paranormal, and it’s all still here, so yeah, it’s a big deal. Secondly, it’s one of a very few shows that got a reunion/reboot/etc. this is HUGE. Not even Friends or Gilmore Girls got the same opportunity, so how cool is that? As for the trailer, and as happy as I am about the whole thing, I hope to God the new episodes won’t be just about the government conspiracies. I have about 20 favourite episode of The X-Files and all of them are ‘monster of the week’ kind of episodes. They’ve always been my favourite and always will be. So, fingers crossed for something cool and spooky! I’ve got to admit it’s surreal to see them all 15 year older than I’m used to, and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it (Except Mitch Pileggi, because he doesn’t age). That being said, is it 2016 yet?


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