Pacific Rim 2 is Happening! This Is Not A Drill!


So, this came to our attention, and the Buns couldn’t possibly be more exciting!


First of all, I’d like to apologize to my neighbours for screaming like I did. Second of all – SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! Is it my birthday, Halloween and Christmas, all rolled into one, or what? Honestly, the Pacific Rim 2 announcement is the best news I’ve hear in quite a while, and if the second installment is anywhere as good as the first film, we’re in for some seriously awesome treat! Please tell me it’s coming out TOMORROW.


I seem to remember that this was supposed to be in the works but I hadn’t had news of the project in a while. First of all, I want to say this: Toronto, I kind of hate you. Then, I want to take some time to declare that the world Maelstrom in itself is awesome, and I expect this movie to be honest to god pants-dropping and orgasm-worthy.

Also, Nadin, you mentioned Pacific Rim.

See you for the trailer, my little Kaijus.'

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