The Suicide Squad trailer is out!

Alright, nerds! After some unknown pirates leaked the Suicide Squad trailer on our home country of the Internet, Warner Bros decided to release it to us for good and in HD, because apparently, seeing the trailer going around the Web in poor quality made them choke on their morning coffee. Good news for us, right?


I don’t know, guys. I want to be excited for this but I’m still on my guards, even after seeing our lord Jared Leto’s glorious figure in his killer Joker makeup. This trailer looks too dead serious to be really promising. I want it to be dark, not gloomy and completely stripped of any fun. The Joker’s apparition certainly provided some of the insanity I was yearning for, but I still want more. So far, this looks tame. Safe. Then again, maybe I’m just weary because the last DC movie I saw in theatres was Man of Steel, and I just couldn’t take it seriously despite all my efforts. I don’t know. I love DC. I love the Joker. I love Harley Quinn. I want this movie.


It looks exciting enough for me to want to see it ASAP, but I’m still somewhat cautions, all previous DC projects considered. Just to be safe. So far, I totally love the tone they’re setting for the film, as well as the level of crazy and weird. Needless to say, the movie can be drastically different from the trailer (which at this point I fear the most), but I’m definitely going to give it a try. Plus, Jared Leto? I mean, come on! I want this film to be good – I want it to be good so bad! Please, be as awesome as we expect you to be!'

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