Sherlock Christmas Special Teaser: HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO US

Filming for the 'Sherlock' christmas special

Do you hear that? It’s the screams of millions of Sherlock fans that have come out of hibernation. I mean, it only takes them forever to release anything, but you know when they do it’s always gonna be good. And it is.


I don’t know what season 4 of Sherlock will be about yet. I try to avoid spoilers, because when you only get 3 episodes of a show every two years or so, spoilers are just not worth it. I watched the sneak peek because I was intrigued by the period outfits and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a riot. I had almost forgotten how much I love watching those characters interact with each other. I’m psyched for season 4 – and please, can Martin Freeman just have that moustache forever?


I would have that exact expression on my face if I were walking behind Amanda Abbington and Benedict Cumberbatch. Aw yiss.


I am forever thankful to the merciful gods that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are still so on board with creating more Sherlock as time goes by. They both clearly have tons of other projects and other obligations they must attend to, but somehow they still find it in their handsome British hearts to give us what we want: two handsome British blokes who are totally playing coy with us about their secret romantic relationship. I mean, just get together already, you glorious bastards. You got the period costumes and everything. Why not push the envelope a little bit and give us a kiss? Maybe a butt grab? I’ll even take a slight brushing of the fingers at this point (this is how depraved us Johnlock fans are).

As for a little season 4 speculation, Andrew Scott and all the other Sherlock folks have been extremely adamant that Moriarty is dead for realsies. So far we believe them. Kind of. Not really. They’ve been so insistent on the fact that he’s dead (they’ve ‘confirmed’ once again at SDCC this year), that at this point, I don’t know if anyone believes them. Knowing them, they’ll probably either go with ‘Moriarty is stone cold dead but he’s still fucking with us in the afterlife’ or ‘Moriarty’s not really dead and why he isn’t is gonna blow your fucking mind out of the water’. Either way, it’s definitely one of the most anticipated reveals in TV history. I can only hope they don’t disappoint, but with their track record, it won’t be likely.

Knowing them, it’s going to take another couple of months (or FOREVER in layman’s terms) for them to release the next season. It’s like they know how much we need it, and they get off on withholding it from us right up until our heads and our hearts are about to explode. FEED US ALREADY.

Filming for the 'Sherlock' christmas special

Benedict, your Doctor Strange is showing.'

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