MTV’s Scream – Your Summer Distraction


Color me surprised when I found out that MTV decided to turn Scream into a TV show. Not that I mind it for any particular reason – in fact, it’s one of a very few slashers I actually like – but a whole season (or more) of it? Read – a 10-hour long film with the plot we’ve already seen. Four times. How’s that a good idea?

The show premiered on June 30, 2015, and the 2 episodes that have aired already were quite fun. In a slightly predictable way, of course, but then again, I didn’t really expect anything else. If you saw one Scream film, you’ve seen them all, and so far, the TV show is not an exception.

The story revolves around a high school student, Emma Duval, whose mother, Margaret, was an object of attraction to a serial killer 20 years prior to the events of the TV show. Now, after Emma and her high school pals make a controversial video about Audrey, one of their classmates – a video that goes viral and turns Audrey’s life into a nightmare – something weird starts happening again. First, the school’s ‘queen bitch’ is murdered in her pool, then Margaret gets an ominous message that may or may not be connected to the events of her past. And, of course, there’s a mysterious new guy in town who no one knows much about.

All in all, Scream is a fun ride. At this point, I’m less curious about the who and much more interested in the why. Plus, it’s fun to try and connect the dots as the story unravels. So far, I suspect pretty much everyone just for the hell of it, although I hope that the real killer will be someone entirely unexpected. Because it’s much more fun that way.

There are, however, some things that make me cringe when I watch it – for one thing, the cast is so painfully white it’s almost blinding. It’s like the writers and whoever cast the actors have never been to an American school before – where are all people who are not Caucasian? (On the other hand, I can never tell who’s going to kick the bucket next because we all know that POC always die first, so this might be a plot twist of some sorts. I don’t really believe it, but it’s easier to think of it that way than deal with the obvious discrimination.)


The dialogue that I hope will improve eventually is quite on the nose, in a facepalming way. On top of that, the story feels a bit meta, what with them talking about slasher movies while the killing happens, and then talking about how they were talking about it while it was happening. You see the problem here, right? The Scary Movie vibes all over!

Besides, I’m growing quite tired of any kind of teenage drama, especially the ones that involve totally dumb people making totally dumb comments about the stuff that means absolutely nothing in, you know, real life. Not to mention the fact that it’s totally fine being queer these days – are people still making fun of the same-sex couples? Even my grandma is more progressive than that. Also, making a big deal out of your BF’s ‘cheating’ when you two weren’t even dating, and then making out with a random stranger 5 minutes after the break up? Really?! *cough* Emma *cough*

In other news, I’m not yet invested in any of the characters. I have a problem telling them apart, to begin with. There’s a traditional good girl, a bitch-slash-gossiper, a quiet outcast (sort of) who I expect to either die next, or outlive them all, a jock whose one and only job is to be a jerk, and a few totally expendable characters that don’t really have a purpose, aka cannon fodder for when someone needs to get murdered, whose names you don’t need to memorize just yet. The show might run out of people pretty quickly if it keeps its current killing pace, but this part is probably the most easily fixable of them all – they have, like, the whole high school of potential victims.

Right now, I’m planning on sticking with Scream for a few more episodes to see how it’ll go and whether or not I should finish the season. In my defense, all of my regular TV shows are on summer hellatus, hence the terrifying drop of standards.

We’ll see, we’ll see!

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