Zootopia trailer


The trailer for this year’s Disney feature is out! How does it look?


So, Tangled’s co-director, Wreck-It-Ralph’s co-director, and one crew member from Big Hero 6 are at the head of this particular project. I can get excited about this. Anthropomorphic animals are certainly my thing and I like the humour. For now, count me in. I’m only asking for one thing to completely lose my shit over this movie: can the whole flick be a mockumentary? Pretty please?


Zootopia had me at ‘people never happened’. It already sounds like a dream, and we all know that Disney’s been pretty strong with its animated films, like, always? So naturally I have a lot of hope for this one! Obviously, nothing will ever beat the classics, but, so far, Zootopia looks very promising, and I sure as hell hope it won’t disappoint!


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