The Secret Life of Pets Trailer




With The Good Dinosaur and Zootopia, that makes three animal-themed movies scheduled to come out in the near future. I guess animals are popular again. The best thing about this is that those three movies are completely different, not only story-wise but also animation-wise. It proves that imagination has not left the industry, which makes me very happy. What makes me even happier is to see that this has a bunch of really funny people in it. That, and a headbanging poodle. Neat.


I’m a bit unclear about the target audience for this one, but maaaaaaan, it looks adorable! Also, quite accurate. And very pretty – it’s not that anyone’s making bad quality animated films these days anyway, but I gotta admit I loved the colors and the general creative approach. That’s not to mention the idea of our pets having their own little life we know nothing about. That being said, after Inside Out my expectation from animation are going through the roof, but even though nothing will ever beat that masterpiece of a movie, I have high hopes for The Secret Life Of Pets!'

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