An American Gods Series Is On The Way!


It’s not a fluke and it’s not just an idea either. Starz has greenlit the project and… It. Is. On! Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is getting its own series. Buns?


I haven’t read those books yet. I know, I know, my mistake. They’re on their way to my house as I’m typing this thanks to Amazon. It doesn’t really matter though, I’m in anyway. Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors. Every word he writes is a song, every book an ode to the English language. He is involved as executive producer in this project, which is good. What’s better though, is to have Bryan Fuller as a showrunner. This is going to be awesome.


This news is overwhelmingly amazing. My friends and I have been taking turns fainting, kind of like some goats do when you chase them. (The goats are fine, it’s just that when they get a bit nervous, scared, or excited, their legs lock up and they fall over. They probably heard about the American Gods adaptation too.)

When someone suggested Lee Pace could star in this, I openly wept. Could that casting happen? That could happen. If, like Anais, you love Gaiman but are late to the American Gods party, FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!

The book is everything you’d expect from Gaiman, and more. It’s sumptuously written, full of mashed up and modernized folklore and legend, weaves characters into an orgasmic tapestry of Americana, and gets fucked up cray cray like you’ve decided to take a few mushrooms and read some Sandman, because you are batshit awesome.

And now, some glorious bastard decided they could turn that into a TV show. I don’t normally pray to any gods, but if they’re out there, thank you. Praise Gaiman. Hail… wine and cheese. Bless the kittens and the saddest of pandas. Am I doing this right?


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