The Martian Trailer: Matt Damon In Space


If any of you have visited the Internets as of late, you have probably heard that the first trailer for the movie adaptation of the hardcore sci-fi novel, The Martian, has been released.

Alas, here it is.


I love the trailer, but it’s 2 minutes too long. For those familiar with the novel, it seems like it gives a little too much away. However, I’m still reeling over how incredibly amazing this looks. Somehow, Matt Damon seems like the perfect fit for Mark Watney (even though he royally fucked things up in Interstellar for no goddamn reason other than he was just a lonely asshole). From the tiny snippets we can see in the trailer, Matt Damon’s Mark Watney stays true to the novel – sarcastic, fun, incredibly determined, and super cool science guy.



Also, look at that stellar cast. DAT CAST. Donald Glover, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean, just to name a few.

As much as I enjoyed Interstellar and Gravity, I thought it they were a little too heavy and depressing for me. The Martian seems like the perfect mix of science, humor, drama, and intensity.


I… haven’t read the book! But I’m going to correct this before the movie comes out. Being the annoying know-it-all that has read the book is one of my favourite things – and probably the reason why I usually only go to the movies with other film peeps. As for the trailer itself, I have to agree with Rachel: it’s too long. I will also add that if this trailer was cut into three separate parts to release over a longer period of time, it would work way better. As it is, I definitely feel like I’ve been told the whole story. This said, I don’t really mind that much. The feeling I get from the characters and the universe is good enough that I’d like to just witness their journey. Also, man, am I the only one craving for a legit good Ridley Scott?



I haven’t read the book either, but I did [sort of] like what I saw, except that yes, it was too long and it gave away too much. I’m quite curious about the project anyway, but it’s getting ridiculous how much the trailers reveal these days. Frankly, 1 clip/teaser is usually more than enough to hook the audience. There’s no need to show a million sneak peeks. That being said, this film had me at Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig. I’m a huge fan of everything global and visually impressive, and The Martian seems like my kind of thing. Fingers crossed, it’ll be a good one!

Who’s excited?!'

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