Remedy: This Is How You Do A Season Finale!


A killer season Remedy promised and a killer season we received! Once again, it was criminally short and once again it ended too soon. There’s gotta be a way around it, right? 30-episode seasons should be a thing!

The two-part season finale starts with Griffin watching cartoons. He’s obviously not in his best shape, and when Allen shows up to take him to work, Griff tells him to get lost (in a nicer way, but his face speaks volumes). Unsurprisingly, Allen calls for cavalry and Sandy promises to go check on her brother while Peter and Mel head to Beth-H for their last shift ever, or at least for the time being because Dallas, baby! By the time they arrive, Allen is already at the hospital taking care of a man named Kevin who has been in a car crash and who is also diabetic. Meanwhile, Sandy convinces Griff to let her in his apartment, although I bet she wishes he wouldn’t have because finding drug paraphernalia on his coffee table is hardly the highlight of her day.

Snapshot 1 (22-May-2015 3-06 PM)

Mel’s high school teacher, Mrs. Cavanaugh, is admitted in the hospital with an aneurism and she needs it to be taken care of ASAP because she’s got a vacation in India coming up and doesn’t need this kind of nuisance to get in her way. They talk Dallas and how Mel has always been her favourite (aw!) Afterwards Mel has a pleasure of meeting Dr. Jake Reuben who is going to take care of her patients once she’s gone and who is not at all happy about Mel’s approach to Mrs. Cavanaugh treatment. This conversation is about to become really exciting when Sandy shows up and whisks Mel away because they have a junkie brother and it needs to be discussed in detail. With mom and dad. They hold a family meeting and decide that Griff needs an intervention. Rebecca’s idea is the most fun, in my opinion – call the cops on Griff and get him arrested for possession. Allen suggests they do it a much gentler way, at his house, after Mel finds him a bed in the nearest rehab and Sandy convinces Zoe to help because she’s always been a good influence on him. Now this is what I call efficient!

Peter has his own fun on his last day of work. Not only does everyone call him Dr. Quitter (and isn’t this the best thing ever? Come on!), but Nurse Patel is also determined to prank him, and spiked bananas are not even her most creative idea. I so can’t wait to see more! Mel finds him and tells him about the family intervention plan and how she needs to be there, their flight be damned.

While Allen tells his diabetic patient that they might need to keep him for a couple of days, Sandy finds Zoe and tries to convince her to join their little family drama, which Zoe refuses to sign up for, and who could blame her? She does, however, ask Ben for his opinion on the matter, as a professional, and as a professional he tells her she should stay away for her own good. Peter, on the other hand, would LOVE to join their happy gathering, but Allen makes it clear that it’s a strictly family thing and he shouldn’t bother. Ouch!

Mel tells Mrs. Cavanaugh about the procedure, assuring her it’s not a big deal and she’ll be fine, and then spills the truth about her brother and what they’re all dealing with. And speaking of Griff, Rebecca actually does manage to stick to her part of the plan and lure Griffin out of his apartment under the pretense of taking him to lunch – I do love her ‘I’m not leaving so we might as well just get it over with’ approach. He can’t say no to THAT!

Dr. Reuben walks into the OR while Mel is working on Mrs. Cavanaugh’s aneurysm, and she doesn’t hesitate to tell him to get out. So what if he’s outranking her? She’s leaving, who cares? (Except we all know it’ll backfire one way or another because it’s how it works on Remedy.) So naturally, when Mrs. Cavanaugh is back in her room and Mel starts explaining to her what she did and how it all went, Dr. Reuben comes to tell her that despite Mel’s best efforts, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s aneurism is getting worse, fast. Mel makes a decision to take her back in the OR and start over.

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Rebecca and Griff have a heart-to-heart, and she admits being a bad mother, but at least she did the addict part right – she managed to make an illusion of being a functional member of society, she still has a job, and he’s failing in this particular area. Big time.

Dr. Reuben calls Dr. Guerra for consult. Neither one of them is happy about how Mel is handling the Mrs. Cavanaugh’s situation, but Dr. Guerra still can’t help admiring her passion, and he tells Dr. Reuben as much. The aneurism situation is still Mel’s call, and she chooses to try again. In the OR, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s heart starts failing, but they manage to stabilize her. Later, Sandy finds Mel by her side, although they can’t stay long because they need to try and fix their broken brother.

In the Casa Conner, they try to come up with some kind of action plan as they wait for Griff and Rebecca to arrive. (And Griff is not an idiot, he figured out eventually that they are in Allen’s neighborhood not because it has the best restaurants in town.) In the meantime, Allen’s patient, Kevin, tries to explain to Peter that he needs something for his headache, but he has trouble remembering the words, and Peter instantly recognizes it as a stroke. Oh boy!

Unsurprisingly, the intervention gets messy because no one knows how to approach the delicate matter of Griff trying to kill himself, although I’m 95% sure he at least enjoyed the show. Rebecca tells him once again that whatever he is doing, he needs to learn to function properly because it’s the only way the family will get off his back. Mel gets a call from Dr. Reuben who informs her that Mrs. Cavanaugh’s condition is getting worse, so she needs to take off. Aaaaaaannd…. [drum roll] this is when Zoe shows up. Griff is just as surprised as all of us. The moment seems to be sobering for him, and he solemnly swears to check into a rehab ASAP. Except the moment they all take off for work, he runs away. Shocker.

In Beth-H, Nurse Patel and Dr. Summers, after failing to feed spiked food to Peter, finally manage to catch him off guard – yes, jumping out of a body bag that Peter was supposed to take care of looks quite awesome! A round of applause for the most fun hospital staff, guys!

Peter runs into Mel just as she arrives at the hospital. She’s very upset after the whole Griff fiasco and the Mrs. Cavanaugh news, and so she tells him that she shouldn’t be leaving and that he shouldn’t be leaving either because Allen really liked him and he’s been trying to mentor him and this whole situation is just wrong. She can’t go anywhere. Upstairs, Dr. Reuben tells her that Mrs. Cavanaugh’s lungs are shutting down, and even though she refuses to accept it, there’s nothing they can do. For what it’s worth, Dr. Reuben agrees with Dr. Guerra – Mel’s passion is admirable.

Peter finds Allen and thanks him for everything he’s taught him during his time at Beth-H. He also mentions that Mel will be staying behind for a while to help them with Griff and whatever might follow. In the meantime, Sandy drives around the city trying to call Griff over and over again. He does pick up eventually, although I’m not sure how happy she is about it seeing as how he’s high and is about to jump off the roof because he believes he can fly.

Cut to: a person is being rushed into the ER, and we all think it’s Griff who decided to put his flying theory to practice, but it’s actually Sandy….

And this why you shouldn’t talk on the phone and drive, kids. While Sandy was trying to convince her brother not to fly, a truck hit her car, head on. Everyone rushes into the hospital and Mel promptly follows Sandy into the OR. And in the midst of that chaos, Mr. and Mrs. Murdoch try to find someone who would take care of their son, Trevor.

After trying and failing to reach Griff by phone, Zoe goes to his place and finds him passed out (but alive) on the floor. She manages to shake him awake and then tells him about Sandy and how they need to go to the hospital now. At Beth-H, Allen meets frantic Rebecca who has no idea what’s going on and which one of her kids is in trouble. And this is also when a bunch of Elvises are being rolled in. It’s going to be THIS kind of night then.

Seeing as how Mel can’t be in the OR with Sandy, she tells Dr. Reuben what to pay attention to and then proceeds to watch his every move from behind the glass just as Griff shows up with Zoe. He feels awful and wishes he could trade places with Sandy, which Mel agrees with – the accident was his fault after all. She tells him to get out and get changed. In the OR, Reuben is not happy about her staring at him and expects Allen to show up any moment – it’s just what he needs, the whole family looking over his shoulder. Jerry tells him to shut up (and can we please talk about how Jerry is the best?)

Rebecca wants Allen to be a father and not a doctor just this one time. She also need something other than coffee, and after the years of dealing with her alcohol issues, he should know that already. They run into Zoe and Griff, and Allen promptly freaks out about Griff’s presence at the hospital while he is high and his mother is drunk, and this is just another thing for him to deal with. Okay, this was stupid and unfair, and Zoe didn’t deserve to be yelled at for trying to help, not after they all begged her to be there for Griff. Geez! And I guess Zoe has had enough as well because she gives Griff the scrubs to change into and leaves. It’s too much and she can’t deal with it, and can he please not be an ass to his family today?

Rebecca wants to go see Maya, and even though Allen is not happy about it, Maya is with a nanny so it should be okay, despite Rebecca’s current level of intoxication. She think he’s blaming her for Griff’s issues because she’s always been a bad example. He can’t quite argue with that, although I would definitely disagree (but don’t worry, I usually save this kind of talk for my own shrink). Right after he sends Rebecca off, the Murdochs (who I forgot about by now because Sandy’s life is at stake and it’s all we should be thinking about) approach Allen saying they’ve been waiting for someone to have a look at Trevor all night. Allen promises to find a bed for the boy.

Griff joins Mel again, dressed in scrubs this time, which is kind of ironic. She’s about to call Peter to fill him in on the whole situation when something goes wrong and she decides to join Dr. Reuben because it’s her sister, for god’s sake, and she needs to be there! They have Dr. Guerra on the phone and he’s the one who stops her because if she can’t help, if Sandy dies with her blood on Mel’s hands, Mel will never recover from it. And so she backs out of the OR, much to our collective relief.

Later, when Sandy is stabilized and the surgery is over and she’s taken to the ICU, Mel and Allen are with her. And this is where Peter finds her (because he apparently took the first flight from Dallas). She tells him that she’s not going to Dallas, not in a month and not ever. He may not like her family, but they’re all she has and their arrangement is not going to work. Allen overhears the whole thing because he’s not as asleep as we – and Mel – were thinking. On the bright side, Peter’s paper work hasn’t been processed yet, and so Dr. Summers puts him to work.

Somewhere in the depths of the hospital, Kanaskie finds Griff locked in the closet which he voluntarily chose to confine himself in to avoid slipping again. It’s quite amazing how much Kanaskie grew since we first met him in season 1! He tells Griff that even though his family might not want to have anything to do with him now, he should keep fighting for them anyway. And so he does by asking Bruno to help him get the pills that ease the drug withdrawals.

Peter finally gets to take care of Trevor, who feels nauseous and keeps throwing up, which makes his family think he’s having a flu or a bug of some sort. (The last time I checked, it never was that simple, but we’ll see.)

Dr. Rueben updates Mel on Sandy’s condition saying that Sandy might lose her leg. Mel is adamant to have her sister transferred to another hospital – the best hospital in town. Or, at least, to get her the best surgeon. Dr. Reuben disagrees – they don’t have time for it. (OMG please no!)

Snapshot 4 (22-May-2015 3-19 PM)

Zoe walks in on Griff taking the pills and misreads it, obviously. I don’t think she’s ever going to trust anyone ever again, to be honest.

Trevor’s blood work comes clean, but Peter is not convinced – he wants to do a CT scan to rule out meningitis and encephalitis (the things that totally freak out his parents). Dr. Reuben finds him then and asks him to talk to Mel (since they are an item and all that) and convince her to let him work on Sandy before it’s too late. Ouchie! Who wants to be caught up in the middle of THAT?!

Sandy doesn’t want to see Griff and so Mel asks him to leave. He’s taking the withdrawals hard and so he finds PJ and asks him if he has anything for him (forgetting apparently that they’re at the hospital and this kind of thing is frowned upon). Their conversation almost gets physical, but Bruno intervenes and takes Griff away deciding to find some work for him instead – to keep his mind off getting in trouble.

After grabbing Nurse Patel’s ass in the beginning of the episode, Trevor tries to feel up the CT scan tech (which is every kind of awkward). In the meantime, Rebecca updates Allen on Maya (she’s fine and her babysitter has an unpronounceable name), and Allen asks her to maybe stay away from the family for a while because she actually might be a bad influence after all.

Peter finds Mel in the hospital cafeteria and asks her to let Reuben do his job and help Sandy because waiting is getting dangerous. Also, they probably need to talk about them and their situation, but Mel is clearly not in the best place for the relationship discussion. For now. Later, when Peter is explaining to the Murdochs that the CT scan didn’t show anything, Trevor starts suffocating. Upon examining his throat, Peter discovers a…. rubber glove? WHAT?! I’m sorry, I need a minute…

Sandy is in a serious pain and Dr. Reuben checks the pulse in her leg just as Mel runs into her sister’s ICU room. There’s no pulse, which means they can’t waste any more time. In the meantime, Peter gets an x-ray of Trevor’s stomach and it’s full of paper clips and other junk (and I’m officially out because what the actual hell?!) He asks Allen for an advice and Allen actually know what they’re dealing with! Wow, he really is a medical encyclopedia! The one that Peter is welcome to use, if he can stand them all, that is.

Kanaskie finds Griff who is having some serious trouble with his withdrawals and sends him to talk to his sister because her condition is getting worse, and they really need to mend the things between them. Sandy, however, is not as enthusiastic about the idea – she loves Griff so much she can’t not try to help him, but she’s got Maya now and he can’t keep putting her life on the line for him, and maybe they need to stay away from each other for a while.

Peter and Zoe have the cutest conversation about how it will always be messy to be in love with one of the Conners while in the OR Dr. Reuben finds himself in need for an extra pair of hands and, against better judgement, Mel joins him, which is exactly what helps save Sand’s leg (no, YOU are crying! …. Shut up). Allen and Griff end up in the hospital chapel. Hey, those are Sandy’s chocolates! Ahem… Allen tells Griff that he loves him, and always have, and always will regardless of who and what Griff is. (And can we please stop tormenting my poor emotional state? Thanks!) Such an amazing performance from both Enrico Colantoni and Dillon Casey, man!

When the surgery is over and Sandy is back in the ICU, Peter finds Mel and they finally have THE talk about them and Dallas and their future. Melt tells him she’s not going anywhere but she would very much like the two of them to work, and Peter agrees with her. And Jerry sees it all… (Goddammit!)

Later, Rebecca brings Maya to the hospital to see Sandy. This is also when Peter announces staying in Beth-H for another year. (Yaaaay!) Downstairs, Griff finds Kanaskie, PJ, and Bruno and asks them to drive him to that really nice rehab he’s heard of. He’s serious this time.

Fade out…

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~ Wow. And I mean WOW! I knew this season was going to rock, but frankly it exceeded all of my expectations, and I honestly don’t know how to thanks the incredible cast and crew (and the WRITERS) for making it happen and for taking it to a whole new level of awesome. THANK YOU!!

~ About season 3…. Can we please, oh please, oh please focus on making Dr. Jerry Gordon happy? Seeing him sad hurts my very soul and it’s just not cool 🙁 I’m officially putting it on my Christmas list, by the way!

~ WHAT HAPPENED WITH JOSEY THE CLOWN FROM SEASON 1? Will we ever find out for sure?

~ I liked Rd. Jake Reuben, a lot, and seeing as how there’s some interesting conflict going on between him and Mel, I hope we’ll see more of him. The antagonism between the two of them was an interesting thing to observe – they both wanted to do the right thing but in different ways, and it was every kind of fascinating.

~ My favourite scene definitely was the one between Allen and Griff in the hospital chapel. It was so sad and heartbreaking and full of hope at the same time I simply couldn’t not love it. Here’s to the better relationship between them in the next season!

~ Martha Burns is a national treasure and we need to have in every single episode of Remedy in the future. Seriously, this is non-negotiable. It’s was so good to see her shine in the last two episodes on the season! Also, where the hell was Bruno all this time? I’m so happy he made an appearance at last!

~ Okay, how do we sign up for a 100-episode season 3?

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Sandy: We haven’t met Dr. Reuben. I’m Sandy Conner. I’m going to steal my sister, and you’re not going to argue. You’re going to say nothing at all.

Rebecca: Call the cops. Put him in jail for possession. He needs a slap in the head.

(PA): Dr. Quitter, please call 443. Dr. Quitter, 443.

Jerry: You realize he’s senior to you. He’s a staff surgeon.
Mel: What do I care? I’m leaving.

Rebecca: Hey, I didn’t vanish for two years. I didn’t drop out of law school. I have never missed a court date. You can’t even hold on to a job pushing beds. I’m smart, you’re an idiot. I’m a functioning alcoholic, and you are out of control, you’re drowning and I’m And I’m terrified that you’re going to wind up dead.

Rebecca: Hello, dear. Welcome to the madhouse.

Mel: Don’t you get it? You’re who Griffin was supposed to be. Dad has been trying to mentor you, teach you, and you’re leaving.

Rebecca: Fruit salad and club soda.
Allen: What?
Rebecca: That’s what I need. Coffee is a myth.

Dr. Guerra: Listen to me, Conner. If your sister dies on that table and Jake’s hands are covered in her blood, it’ll take you a long time to recover.
Mel: Okay, stop it.
Dr. Guerra: If Sandy dies and it’s your hands covered in her blood, you’ll never recover. Ever.

Griff: I’m quitting. Today. I promise.
Allen: And all it took is your sister bring hit by a truck?

Zoe: So, you’re saying I should stay away?
Peter: I’m saying, if you love someone in a family like that, it’s always gonna be messy.

Kanaskie: Road trip?


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