Fall Preview: What Are The Buns Hopping For?


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Check out a preview of the CW musical, about Rebecca, an accomplished woman who needs a change, so she moves across the country not to follow a boy. Of course, it’s kind of about the guy. Or is it?

Nadin: I’ll give this one a try to see if they can do humor right without making it painfully sexist. The premise of the show sounds promising and fun, so why not?

Anais: Maybe this series just has the worst sounding title in the history of bad sounding titles. Maybe it’ll actually suck. I guess if nothing else is on, I’ll give it a try.

Roz: Hm. Maybe. I don’t know. Stereotypes exist for a reason I guess. I’ll wait and see what the Buns say while I continue falling in love with iZombie.

Rachel: Why does this remind me of that horrible movie with Uma Thurman? It’s always about some loser guy who doesn’t deserve all that love anyway.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Nadin: Asdfghjkl!!! Do I even need to say more? Granted, the whole Supergirl thing makes me somewhat cautious about DC’s approach to the adaptations, but there’s always a chance it’ll turn out just right.

Roz: I give superhero shows one season to make me love them. I wish I could tell just from the pilot, but sometimes they need more time than that to find their legs. I’m starting to get superhero TV fatigue. Anyone else?

Rachel: I am actually pretty excited for this, as the trailer looked quite awesome (albeit a bit corny, but in this case, it works!). Even though I’ve been getting a bit of palate fatigue from all the superhero stuff coming out lately, I am still very much looking forward to Brandon Routh and Wentworth Miller kicking some major ass together.


Nadin: Aaaaaand the US goes for the closest thing to Remedy they could probably come up with without getting sued for plagiarism. A surgeon named Melissa… where did I already hear that?

Roz: I don’t really watch doctor shows, so I’m out. I’ve never seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe if they put monsters in the hospitals.

Anais: I’m with Roz on this. The only way to make me watch a doctor show is to put monsters or zombies in it. or Hugh Laurie. Hugh Laurie works.

Rachel: Ditto. Hugh Laurie plus monsters would be a-ok with me.

Chicago Med

Nadin: From what I heard about Chicago Fire recently, it’s been going down and turning into a soap opera. Fingers crossed, Chicago Med won’t face the same sad fate.

Roz: Is that blood splatter all over the place? Nice!

Rachel: Nadin, Chicago Fire was a soap from the get go. So yeah, pretty sure this is gonna be the same thing. Except with hot doctors instead.


Nadin: It’s Jaimie Alexander we’re talking about – I’d watch her just stare at the wall for 45 minutes every week and ask for more. Thankfully, Blindspot promises us a much more exciting story, and I sure as hell hope it’ll live up to my expectations.

Anais: Writers Martin Gero (from Stargate Atlantis) and Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) bring us this project. We’ve seen amnesia and mystery before, but I want to trust the creators to come up with something fun. By the way, can Chris Hemsworth guest star in this?

Roz: I’ll try the pilot, for sure. Messed up brain stuff? Mystery? I’m in!

Rachel: Kind of like a reverse Memento? I’m down.


Nadin: Okay, who wouldn’t want to see a couple of grown-ups screwing up their parents’ quiet lives?

Anais: I don’t know. On the one hand, it sounds like the kind of show that would make me want to bang my head against the wall. On the other hand, the creator has worked on some good stuff. But on the other hand, I’m probably too spoiled now that I’ve watched Brooklyn 99. Ugh. This is tough.

People Are Talking

Nadin: Every TV show about friends and neighbours inevitably sounds like a Friends ripoff, but since it’s been a while, you can’t really blame the writers for trying to recreate the greatest of all shows.

Anais: The last good Friends knock-off was How I Met Your Mother. After that, people tried to get me to watch Happy Endings. As several of my former VFS classmates could attest, it didn’t go well. I’m not sure I’m ready to try watching this kind of show again.

Roz: Pass. This just looks kind of boring.


Nadin: It’s okay that I’m about 1000 times more excited about Superstore than about Supergirl, right?

Anais: I’ll watch this in my bath, after a long day of hard work, with a ginormous bowl of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cookies, and a can of whipped cream.

Roz: I think this one’s a must try. Quirky comedy can either be great, or fail miserably. But you have to see if they’ve figured out how to tickle your funny bone or not.

Rachel: This reminds me of Chuck. I fucking loved Chuck. I’m down. Also, Ben Feldman. Even more yes.

Emerald City

Anais: I’m a big fan of The Wizard of Oz, a bigger fan of Wicked, and an even bigger fan of the book that inspired it. I don’t know much about executive producer David Schulner’s work, but in my opinion, any show that goes through the hell that this show went through deserves my attention. We’ll learn if it was worthy of it next year.

Heroes Reborn

Nadin: Erm, they cancelled Heroes for a reason. That reason being that the show was boring. Are we really going there again?

Anais: On paper, Heroes was a great show, with interesting characters and an engaging plot. In practice, Heroes had all the gear of an action flick and the pace of Game of Thrones. Despite all my best efforts, I couldn’t get past the first season. I probably won’t bother watching this.

Roz: I thought the first season of Heroes was really good. And then so much fail. I will probably try the first season of this too, if it lasts that long.

Game of Silence

Nadin: I’m not usually into legal dramas – all the suits and shiny boots and the law talk usually make me fall asleep – but as long as Game of Silence focuses on secrets and mysteries instead of court cases, I’ll be happy to give it a try.

Roz: He kinda looks like Rick from Walking Dead in that pic, amirite? If it was a zombie law show, I’d be all over that.

Scream Queens

Nadin: So far, this show has the best cast of all the announced premieres! Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Oliver Hudson, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, and Skyler Samuels, among others. Is this what it’s like to die from happiness? I do hope that Scream Queens will be more than just a show about spoiled frat girls. Fingers crossed!

Anais: What do Brian Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, and Ian Brennan have in common? American Horror Story. And Glee. I love the first one and have, er, mixed feelings about the second. In any case, with such seasoned writers and young talents working their ass off for this project, it does look promising. I’m looking forward to it.

Roz: Definitely worth a few episodes. I think this is one people will know immediately if they love or hate the show.

Rachel: I don’t like Emma Roberts all that much. She seems like a one-trick pony to me for the most part, with the whole stuck up sorority girl with a sadistic streak, but I’d be willing to give it a shot anyway.

X-Files Revival

Nadin: This is quite possibly the only reboot I absolutely approve of, if only because The X Files was my first TV love, my #1 fandom for years, and maybe the reason I’m so insane about everything creepy. I hope they know what they’re doing because I want it to be perfect.

Anais: This looks like the perfect occasion to binge-watch the entirety of the X-Files series.

Roz: ShutupforeverI’mnotcryingI’vegotsomethinginmyeyesbothofthemandupmynosebecauseI’muglysnotcryingshutup



Nadin: I’m sceptical simply because I wasn’t particularly impressed by Constantine, and Lucifer sounds awfully familiar. Then again, hell and a hot protagonist (no pun intended) are involved, so…

Anais: Okay, The Sandman is a masterpiece. This said, I know nothing about the spin-off comic book series, aside from the author. I once introduced one of my super talented friends to him, because my friend wanted to show him his work but didn’t know a word of English. He’s a chill guy. Anyway. I’m not thrilled, per se, especially since Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey don’t seem to be involved in any of this, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Roz: Another maybe. Really, I’d just rather have Constantine back, all shiny and fixed up to the awesomeness I believe it can get to.

Rachel: Watched the trailer. The guy who plays Lucifer isn’t bad at all, and pulls off the suave, dangerously sexy type real well. But I have absolutely no faith in the story. Or the pretty detective either.

Minority Report

Anais: I hated Minority Report. I liked the universe but thought that the film was boring and heavy-handed. When I heard about this, I was annoyed at the idea of getting hammered with more “choose your own destiny” speeches. Then I watched the trailer. It does look over-dramatic, but I don’t know. I liked how they presented things. I guess I’ll at least give it a chance.

Roz: Meh. I’ll check it out, because science fiction. But then I’ll probably go read some better science fiction, because nerd.


Nadin: Forever got cancelled, but we get this instead? Are you kidding me? Why, oh why, oh why do the networks insist on making procedural dramas with almost the same premise over and over again?

Roz: Oh, Forever. I wish I could quit you. Secretly sad to see it go. Guilty pleasures and all that. Would I try another one? No. (Probably yes.)

The Frankenstein Code

Nadin: As long as they don’t turn it into a yet another zombie show, I’m in. The premise is intriguing enough to turn into a stellar show. Besides, there might be some badass science involved, and this is never a bad thing.

Anais: So I guess it’s called The Frankenstein Code because it has something to do with revival. Other than that, it doesn’t seem to have any connection with the Mary Shelley classic. I’ll watch for the sci-fi stuff. Hopefully, there’ll be enough of it to keep me entertained.

Roz: Yes.


Nadin: This sounds a little bit like Baby Daddy, which is not necessarily a bad thing as long as Grandfathered has its own unique voice, but it’s not as gripping as some other premiers I’m actually looking forward to.

Roz: I’m not going anywhere near this. I don’t even want my other shows to stack close to it on the cable guide.

Rachel: Seems like the whole “bachelor finds out he’s a dad” trope with an extra level of extra dad in there. Meh.


Nadin: Priyanka Chopra is gorgeous. That is all. On a serious note, I like the diverse cast so far, and it’d be awesome to see what it’s like to be trained for the FBI. Is it too late to ask them to turn it into the FBI version of The Police Academy? Man, I loved it as a kid.

Anais: Okay, now there’s no way I’m watching this if it’s not Quantico Academy and Priyanka Chopra does sound effects with her mouth. Although, I could watch this just to swoon all over Priyanka Chopra. Hm.

Roz: I think I have to at least try the pilot so I can hate this with an informed opinion.

Dr Ken

Nadin: Finally some diversity! I love the idea of this show, and with any luck, it’ll be a fun and yet educational watch, showing us the sides of what it’s like to be not white in this world.

Anais: Why isn’t there a channel dedicated to that show? Does Ken Jeong know about this? I feel like he doesn’t, otherwise he would have fixed it.

Roz: Another one to set the PVR early for, it’s definitely on the must watch list.

Rachel: How can you not want to watch this? It’s Ken Jeong. Being a doctor. Like he is in real life. Amazing.

The Muppets

Nadin: Who are we kidding? EVERYONE is going to watch this one!

Anais: All I need is a Kermit outfit and some of my favourite childhood snacks, and I’ll be ready for this show. Some of my favourite childhood snacks were pickles and tomatoes. And apple pie.

Roz: Anais is weird. But she’s right about nostalgic feels. Bring ’em on.


Uncle Buck

Nadin: Hey, I used to like this film as a kid! Man, I hope the show will be just as funny!

Anais: I know nothing about this, but this kid’s got a killer afro. I’m in.

Roz: If you had asked me to name the top five films I didn’t think would get made into TV shows…


Nadin: Now, this is the show I really want to see! As long as some superpowers are involved, it’s gotta be at least half as good as I want it to be.

Anais: I keep mixing up Limitless with Source Code for some reason. I liked Source Code. I still haven’t seen Limitless. Also, any shot of a guy pretending to run makes me think of the Strutting Leo meme. I don’t even know why I’m saying this. I’m gonna rewatch Source Code now.

Roz: I’ll wait to see what Nadin says. I trust her.

Rachel: I liked the movie. Ten bajillion times more than I did Lucy, if that means anything. So I’d watch it!

Angel From Hell

Nadin: A person who may or may not be a real honest to god guardian angel? Sounds like fun! Sign me up! CBS’s shows are often hit and miss, but Angel From Hell sounds like fun!

Anais: This show has Jane Lynch. That is all you need to know.

Roz: I have all the fears that Jane Lynch will be awesome but the show will make me hate everything. I’m not good with angels.


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