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DC has been releasing shows for a while now – they’ve actually released more shows than movies in the recent years. This fall, however, will come out their first show centered on a female protagonist. And not any female protagonist as that.

No, it’s not Wonderwoman. It’s Supergirl.

What do you say, Buns?


What do you mean that’s not Blake Lively? They look and sound identical.

Also, what were they thinking releasing a six minute sneak peek? That’s not a sneak peek, that’s a goddamn synopsis. We literally knows exactly how it starts, progresses, and ends with her character arc. Are we really going to tune in to see the blanks get filled? I don’t know. This sneak-peek did less for me than if they didn’t release anything at all.

Generic white girl in a big city with a snazzy apartment, shitty job, hot guy friends who are totally gonna date her at some point. They literally took the Black Widow: Age of Me trailer from SNL and made it a real show. Seriously? Who is their target demographic anyway? Teen girls? Housewives? What about the rest of the world? I think it’s great that they’re trying to expand and spread awareness on the subject of ladies in the comic book universe, but they boxed themselves in with such a corny and soapy take on the show.

Since I didn’t know Supergirl’s backstory at all, I asked my boyfriend on his opinion on the sneak preview. He absolutely detested it. He suggested that the show would be more interesting if they went with Justice League Supergirl instead of this carbon copy of Superman from Man of Steel. You know, with the dying parents, and the being raised in the countryside, and the working at a big media firm, and the glasses, and the ripping off the shirt to save the world. Really? Supergirl isn’t a younger, girl-version of Superman. She’s her own person with a whole different identity. They really dropped the ball on this one.




We’re reading Justice League United (or Justice League Canada with their sweet, sweet base in Moosonee, Ontario) in our house, because Jeff Lemire, and that’s my Supergirl. Kara is crazy confident, and sometimes reckless with her powers. She’s not a timid Clark-type character in her free time. She’s nothing like Clark! I don’t even know what to say here. I guess, skip that crap and pick up some New 52 Supergirl or JLU if you’re interested in kickass Supergirl. If you just want more of the same old Clark-Superman stories spoon fed to you in a skirt with perky titties, well, enjoy.


And that is a triple boo from the Buns, as far as I’m concerned.

Not only does this reveal the entire plot of the entire show, it also shows you all the reasons why you shouldn’t watch it. I already hate every single one of those characters, as well as the music, and the CGI is horrendous. This sucks.

I’m not big on the Superman part of the DC universe, but I’m pretty sure that every time I saw Kara Zor El, which was mostly in Justice League Unlimited, she wasn’t just Superman with a skirt. She was her own person, a very annoying person at that, which is more than I can say about Superman himself. The fact that Supergirl is presented to us as “Superman for girls” here is not only crappy storytelling and characterization, it’s also borderline insulting. This is 2015. Why should I watch a show that involves a female protagonist who is nothing more than a copy of a male character with a pink bow? And the “It’s not a man” caption at the end of the trailer? Who thought that was a good idea? Who thought that any of this was a good idea?

Also, I’m pretty sure those scenes with the friend designing the crime-fighting clothes were much better when they happened in Ms Marvel. Come to think of it, I’d rather be reading Ms Marvel, so I’m going to do just that. Ana out.


I’m just sitting here and trying to process the fact that one of my favourite shows just got cancelled and yet THIS ^^ is going to be a thing. Granted, there’s a chance that the show will be better than the trailer – don’t just a book by its cover, or so they say – but what if it doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that the comic book adaptations are taking over our TV screens – such shows as  Arrow, and The Flash, and the entire Marvel franchise are doing stronger than ever. But do we really need another Superman adaptation just for the sake of having a female protagonist? So we need a Smallville rip-off but with Kara instead of Clark? I don’t think they even tried to do their homework, otherwise they’d know these two are not even remotely alike in the comic book universe and shouldn’t be treated the same way on screen. Besides, they didn’t need to spell it out – we kind of saw she wasn’t a man.

I almost fell asleep halfway through this 6-minute (!!!!!!!) long trailer that gave away EVERYTHING! Even if the show isn’t as bad as this sneak peek makes it look, their sexist marketing campaign will kill it.

Now, let me go get crazy over the Legends Of Tomorrow news. With any luck, it’ll be less mind-numbing.'

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