Remedy: “Looking For Satellites”


Yes, okay, let’s make it official – “Looking For Satellites” is definitely my second favorite episode of Season 2 so far. Man, it was brilliant!


Everything starts with a cop names Stephanie being rolled into the ER in a critical condition after taking a bad fall in an abandoned factory. Allen, Mel, and Jerry are there to try and stabilize her, with limited success. The guy who brought her in is sent off to find the victim’s husband. She’s really not doing that great. Meanwhile, Peter takes care of a young man with chemical burns who came with the cops, and who, by the looks of it, might be the cause of the trouble – if the police escort is any indication.

Across from town, somewhere in a dingy alley, Griff is being kicked out of the bar where he tried to find his old stripper girlfriend, Natasha. Pissing off the bouncer might not have been the best decision though. On the bright side, he runs into one of his old pals who allegedly knows where Griff’s ex might be. And so they set on the night trip across snowy Toronto, just them and whatever drugs they’re into. Sweet!

At Beth-H, Peter manages to clean the burn wounds of the sodium hydrochloride pool diver, learning in the process that his name is Lanagan Pike and he’s an environmental activist who tries to prove that some of the abandoned buildings in the city are toxic and make their owners do something about it. He’s very agitated about getting his camera back, although not enough about being arrested because, you know, trespassing is still illegal, even when you do it for a good cause. His even bigger problem is that the cop, Stephanie, dies, which makes him somewhat responsible. And her colleagues are not at all happy either – Officer Scott even attacks Peter when he gets between him and Pike. Ouch! Well, cop solidarity is a big thing, and they want Pike released ASAP, regardless of his condition. When Officer Scott is gone, the young man tells Peter that it was an accident – Stephanie didn’t have to go after him because he promised her he was coming down, but she chose to do it anyway, and that was how she fell.

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I’m starting to feel for him. Mel, on the other hand, not so much – she’s pissed because the guy’s recklessness just cost someone their life. Peter sides with Pike – and you can imagine how well THAT goes.

Somewhere deep in the night, Griff is reminiscing about Natasha and how she loved him and never judged him, and maaaaaaan, he needs to sort out his priorities! If someone is cool with your basically trying to kill yourself, it can hardly be called love. Then again, who am I to judge?

Mel talks to Allen about how Peter totally doesn’t see some things the way she does, and we kind of all agree that she does, in fact, move to Dallas with someone she barely knows and there’ll be more of such revelations on the way. Allen though is more concerned about Griff and getting his job back (which I doubt would help). And so Mel takes the issue to Sandy, but Sandy has her own stuff to take care of – she’s meeting with the real estate agent to discuss the value of their townhouse. If Mel leaves, it’s too big for just her and Maya. Mel assures her it’s not necessary – she’s going to help pay for it, but Sandy seems to have made the decision. Mel can’t change her life and expect everyone around her to just carry on as usual.

After Sandy is gone, a paramedic, Nicole, finds Mel asking about Stephanie. It turns out Stephanie didn’t have a husband. She did however have a wife. Nicole asks Mel to take her see Stephanie, and Mel complies, if a little reluctantly.

Allen goes to Kanaskie to talk about Griff and refuses to leave until they sort it out, which means that he apparently plans on following Kanaskie around. I should try that sometime when I don’t get what I want on the first try.

While saying goodbye to Stephanie, Nicole breaks down and then collapses with what seems to be a heart problem. Freaked out, Mel calls Dr. Guerra who is not at all enthusiastic about being woken up in the middle of the night. Before she gets to explain anything to him about Nicole, he tells her that Dallas is a bad idea and that her and Peter are doomed. But then Mel mentions Nicole’s name, and he’s out of bed and on his way to Beth-H in a heartbeat (because there’s a story, I assume). And yes, Mel is scared of going to Dallas, but she’s determined to do it anyway, and she tells Peter that much when he checks up on her.

The cops come to pick up Pike. Peter warns them that all of his injuries are on the record, and if he gets new ones, everyone would know where they came from. Tough!

Griff finally finds Natasha’s bar. Wait a minute, is that Marla?! Is that Marla SINGING?! Okay, I don’t even know if it’s really her doing it, but I love the song! It’s kind of transfixing.

Somewhere in the depths of Beth-H, in a dark and seriously scary kitchen, Kanaskie decides to make a sandwich or something. I don’t believe that the kitchen staff got fired – this place totally looks like they just couldn’t get out of there alive. Ahem, anyway! He tells Allen that a few people were fired and no one came asking for their jobs back. And would Allen like something to eat, too?

Griff tells Marla he doesn’t care about getting fired – working with his family was a nightmare (because they love him and care about him, and what could possibly be worse?!) She totally understands that and also lets him know that he was too wild for Zoe, and if by any chance he needs a place to stay… (I’m sorry, I think I missed the rest of the scene because I was too busy processing THAT ^^! Marla and Griff?! Oh, hell no!) He’s not into it (THANK GOD!), so instead he takes off once his pal tells him Natasha is not working tonight.

Dr. Guerra comes in just as Mel starts examining Nicole’s heart – and yes, there’s a story! They actually dated, and now he wants to save her. It’s not a heart attack as Mel suspected, but an actual case of broken heart – a heart condition associated with strong emotional distress. Who knew?

The cops bring Pike back to Beth-H – on the way to the station he suddenly begins to suffocate. Jerry and Peter take him to the ER and perform a tracheostomy. Yikes! The two of them have a small heart-to-heart afterwards, and yes, Jerry is happy about the whole Dallas thing because he can’t wait to be thousands of miles away from Peter. My life will not be complete until they become BFFs.

Dr. Guerra and Mel watch over Nicole as she sleeps – if she makes it through the night incident-free, she’ll be fine. He tells her about their relationship and how they were seeing each other when she met Stephanie and fell in love. And then he tells her again that Peter is not the guy for her. Dr. Jerry Gordon on the other hand… (AND WE ALL AGREE! Or at least all of me agrees.) And with any luck, it’ll get Mel thinking.

While Peter accuses Officer Scott of trying to choke Pike, Griff finally manages to find Natasha and whisk her away from her boyfriend and her midnight garbage run. I don’t know how long it took him, but his journey looked very cold and very exhausting. In the meantime, Allen and Kanaskie make an omelet and talk about the ex- and current wives and marriage and all things family, and we definitely need more scenes like this in the future. And while this happens, Jerry runs into Mel in the kitchen. She asks him for some tea, but gets an engagement ring and a kiss instead (I DID NOT OVERREACT! Although I might need to apologize to a couple of neighbors for, you know, screaming. A little bit.) Mel is less enthusiastic about it and tells him this is not happening. He leaves, telling her to keep the ring. And did I mention that Peter saw the whole thing? O.M.G!

When the polite persuasion doesn’t work, Allen tells Kanaskie that he can get him fired. Yes, NOW Griff can have his job back! Can’t really blame him though – someone needs to keep an eye on Griffin, and there’s n better place for it than Beth-H. Not that Griff cares – he’s chilling with Natasha at some Chinese place, probably trying to feel his limbs again after roaming around in the snow for God knows how long. She’s not into his drug-infused plans and instead of taking off with him, she calls her sponsor and leaves – she’s been sober for 8 months and Griff is not taking it away.

Peter tells Mel that she probably shouldn’t be coming to Dallas – he admits to seeing her kiss Jerry  and if she’s doing all this to get back at her ex boyfriend, it’s not a good idea. He then apologizes to Officer Scott for blaming him for being unprofessional in handling Pike – it turns out this trauma was caused by the fall.

Griff gets beaten up for making his dealer come meet him in the middle of the night when he has no money to pay for whatever he needs to stay high. And since he needs it badly, he goes to Sandy’s place and lies to her about owing someone $1000. Or maybe he doesn’t – either way, he gets his ‘poison’. And while he’s getting high, Allen calls him and leaves him a message, telling him about the job and how they all worry about him. Because this show just needs to sucker punch you, man!

Back at Peter’s place, Mel tells him that the kiss didn’t mean anything – Jerry kissed her, not the other way around. She says the three magical words, and he says them back, and the Dallas plans remain unchanged, by the looks of it. (Okay, that was cute!)

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Forget my previous statement – “Looking For Satellites” is my MOST FAVOURITE episode of season 2! And not just because I liked the title. How do you guys come up with such cool titles, by the way?

The bromance between Allen and Kanaskie was priceless. How did we not get it earlier? And I’m not saying that their characters weren’t good before, but seeing them cooking together and talking about their personal lives made them whole and multi-dimensional and just every kind of great and complex.

Dr. Guerra wins all the awards!! I fell in love with Tony Nappo back in the day when he guest-starred in a bunch of my favourite TV shows, and I honestly can’t thank power-that-be enough for bringing him toRemedy. His relationship with Mel is something precious, especially when she needs this friend/father figure in her life but is reluctant or too stubborn to accept Allen’s advice, whatever it is. Their relationship is the best thing that happened to us all. Needless to say, Dr. Guerra is my second favourite guy on Remedy. (You all know who #1 is.)

All in all, “Looking For Satellites” was quite incredible in terms of exploring the sides of the characters we never got to see before – like Allen and Kanaskie, Griff and his drug haze, Marla, Dr. Guerra, and Mel, and Peter, and Jerry, of course. At this point, I’m not even sure it’s possible to outdo this episode, but I hope Remedy will find a way to make it happen.

I am so in love with Dr. Gordon it’s not even funny. Not to a ‘fanfiction writing’  level, but close. Please make Jerry happy!

Where was Zoe?! Okay, the episode was intense enough without another storyline, but I’m genuinely curious about where she is, assuming she sublet her place when she moved in with Griff. (Does Sandy need a roomie?)

I am not going to comment on the whole Jerry and the ring thing, and the fact that Mel still has it, because you don’t want to see a grown woman (ha, who am I kidding?) get emotional over a couple of fictional characters.

Tune in for the 2-hour season finale next Tuesday on Global! Meanwhile, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in denial…

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Allen: Well, my guess is that there’s plenty of weirdness to come.
Mel: What?
Allen: You’re moving to Dallas with a man you barely know. It’s going to be a voyage of discovery, that’s for sure.

Sandy: Mel, you can’t just go and make changes like this and not expect other people to make changes too.

Mel: You have stress cardiomyopathy.
Dr. Guerra: Yeah, it’s also called broken heart syndrome.

Peter: You don’t mean that, do you, Jerry?
Jerry: Sure I do. I’m thrilled you’re gonna be thousands of miles away.

Kanaskie: My omelette – my way!


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