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If “Life In Technicolour” was the best episode of the season so far, “Everything In Moderation” definitely was the most intense. Did you know you can actually hold your breath for 40-something minutes? Me neither. But weirder things happen, I guess.

So… it’s another busy day in the ER, but Nurse Patel is quick and efficient when it comes to sorting through the patients. No biggie. Until a young guy named Bobby with a sawed off hand comes in! Ouch! Somewhere else in Beth-H, Mel is rightfully pissed at Peter for not telling her anything about Dallas, and Sandy has to break the sad news to her – she and Peter are not just having casual sex. All things considered, the really are in a relationship. Poor Mel. Their main focus is, however, on the patient who refuses to eat because everything makes her nauseous, even though Sandy can’t see any reason for that.

Zoe has a crisis of her own – it’s her first day of work as Ben’s research assistant, and if this isn’t stressful enough, coming home and not finding her boyfriend there certainly is. In fact, no one has any idea where Griff is, and the person most interested in the matter is Kanaskie who thinks that Griff is blowing off his shift (which he is). Because – DRUGS! Remember how he promised Zoe in the previous episode to stay clean? Yeah, about that….

To make everything even more fun, the new Chief of Staff, Dennis Gillray, decides to do a survey in the ER to determine the customer satisfaction of the patients, which in Allen’s opinion is ridiculous – no one is ever happy to be there. But since he turned down the Chief position, he can’t really do anything about that. On top of everything else, Peter confirms relocating to Dallas after all.

Faye, a young girl suffering from a severe migraine, asks Nurse Patel about waiting in a less noisy and crowded place than the ER, but before the staff can do anything about it, she freaks out and her nose starts bleeding. This doesn’t look good, at all. On the bright side, Griff finally shows up. With donuts. Because – munchies! (Wait, is it still ‘munchies’ when we’re talking about pills and not weed? I’m honestly as far from being an expert as you can imagine.) So, Griff lies to Kanaskie about being at work the whole time, and only stepping out for donuts. Ha!

Peter calls Mel to tell her about Dallas, and she’s ‘happy’ for him. He asks if maybe they could discuss the whole thing over dinner, but instead she accepts Jerry’s invitation to go play floor hockey with their old team again. Mainly because Dr. Guerra bet $200 that she’ll never show up again. But also because she doesn’t want to deal with Peter.

Faye’s nosebleed doesn’t stop, but she refuses to stay at the hospital longer than absolutely necessary. After losing her mother who may or may not have died because of a medical mistake, she doesn’t trust the doctors, and there’s nothing Allen can do to make her accept their help. When she tries to leave though, she’s approached by Zoe who is working on the surveys for Ben. Too overwhelmed by the hospital experience, she passes out. Yeah, okay, maybe doing some more tests isn’t such a bad idea after all.

After trying to feed her uncooperative patient and failing, Sandy runs into Griff, who admits to her that he was cheating on Zoe – which isn’t true, but he’s sick and tired of people thinking the worst of him, and he tells her that just so that she would back off.

In the meantime, Peter asks Mel to come to Dallas with him. And again, they could discuss it over dinner, but she’s already promised Jerry to come to the game, and she tells Peter that much. Well, not about the game, but about having plans. She asks Allen for advice regarding Peter, leaving the Dallas issue out of it. He doesn’t want to get into her relationship with Peter, but he tells her that she’s better off without him.

While Zoe ‘interviews’ Faye hoping to keep her in Beth-H long enough for them to run the necessary tests on her, Faye tells her about her parents and why she isn’t into trusting doctors. She admits taking her mother’s medication because they had similar symptoms. Zoe is concerned that those meds might be causing all of her problems. She tells that to Allen who manages to convince Faye to let them help her.

Mel tries talking to Sandy about Peter, but they end up wondering whether or not Griff is on drugs again. He obviously can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Griff finds Zoe in the basement and, thinking that he’s high, she tells him to go home. Right… Instead, he takes the flowers left by one of the patients and decides to use them to apologize to her.

Mel asks Peter is he was serious about them earlier and about going to Dallas together. He tells her that when his residency in Beth-H is over, he might not have a job, and even though she’s always there for her family, it’s their turn to support her decision if she chooses to leave with him. She tells him her father was right about him and leaves.

Griff tries apologizing to Zoe, which comes out a bit more aggressive than socially acceptable. Ben steps in and they almost end up having a fight. Later, Ben finds Zoe outside and tells her that she deserves better even if she thinks that she doesn’t. He explains that since she grew up in foster care, she might have low self-esteem that results in having screwed up relationships. It turns out that he’s been asking the other staff about her, and Zoe doesn’t like it. At all.

Faye is diagnosed with meningitis, but when she has trouble breathing, Allen realizes that there must be something else to her condition, which puts his conflict with Peter who accuses him of getting between him and Mel on the backburner. Granted, Allen didn’t know about Peter asking Mel to join him in Dallas, but still! Faye panics, thinking that the history repeats itself and the doctors made her feel worse instead of helping her – the way it happened with her mother. Allen gets her to talk, and they finally figure out that she inhaled an airborne virus transmitted by rodents when she was sweeping up their feces shortly before she got sick. (Can I just say ‘YUCK!’?)

Trying to be helpful, Griff brings Sandy’s patient Chinese food, thinking that maybe she’ll be happy to eat something more familiar than the hospital food, and she does. Until whatever is in the soup sends her into anaphylactic shock. Rightfully pissed, Sandy confronts Griff and tells him to get out. He does just that and finds Zoe, trying to apologize to her. She doesn’t want to listen to him anymore though and tells him she’ll be happy to help him when he decides to quit his old habits, but until then she’s done. And to make this day the worst in his life, Kanaskie tells Griff he’s fired.

After talking to Bobby who confesses that having his hand sawed off is better than having to work in construction, which is what his whole family does, Mel decides to finally do something that’s good for her, her own family be damned. She ditches Jerry and the floor hockey, and goes to Peter’s place wearing a cowboy hat.

After being fired, Griff takes more pills. Meanwhile in their apartment, Zoe packs up her stuff.

Aaaaaand inhale….

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I guess we all suspected that cleaning was evil, but not we know for sure – it can actually kill you! Yikes! Totally loved that storyline!

Griff’s downfall was inevitable, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable thinking about what’s going to happen next because it’s probably not pretty. On the bright side, Zoe finally ditched him. Sure, they were cute, but this is really not cool. Don’t do drugs, kids! Whatever you do, don’t do drugs! It’s bad! Big time BAD! Related – I kind of liked Ben, and I hope it wasn’t the last we’ve seen of him. Also, did he really fire Zoe after her first day?

Look, I shipped Evan and Dylan on Primeval: New World like there was no tomorrow, but when it comes to Remedy, it’s all about Mel & Jerry, and if I’m going to hell for it, so be it! (I don’t believe in hell, but it sounds very impressive, so…) Yes, I die a little on the inside when Brendan Gall is on screen.

Yes, we’re all hoping that Allen will become Chief of Staff again.

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Sandy: You’re having regular sex with someone who pisses you off – and you’re worried he’s gonna leave.
Mel: Your point?
Mel: I think that’s called a relationship.

Allen: People come into the ER, they wait for ages only to be told they’re not sick enough and there’s nothing we can do, or they’re sicker than they thought and they have to stick around.  No one’s satisfied in the ER.

Jerry: OK, I bet Guerra. He has $200 on you never showing your face again.

Peter: He [uncle] wanted me to tell you that he was sorry.
Bobby: Yeah, well. Could be worse. I could have to work tomorrow.

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