Remedy: ‘Secrets & Lies’


The episode starts with Peter Cutler checking on a patient in the ER – a boy bitten by the snake, and I’m pretty sure there’s gotta be a rule about NOT BRINGING SNAKES INTO THE HOSPITAL! Naturally, the nasty thing escapes from the basket (seriously?!) Why aren’t they evacuating everyone and burning the whole place down? Come on! And while everyone in the ER goes insane about the snake, although not insane enough to my liking, Allen shows up and tells Peter he’s got a call from the hospital in Dallas where Peter would like to continue his practice because it’s what he does – working here and there, being adventurous, trying new things, etc. I agree with Allen here – better not say it that way to Mel. He needs to tell her though, just in case she notices when he’s gone.

In the meantime, Griff is not doing well at all – the coke withdrawal is as fun as it sounds. He tries lying to Zoe about having a flu before cracking and spilling the truth – about the drugs and all that. She’s not happy at all. She’s as unhappy as anyone would be in her position. And this, ladies and gents, is why you don’t move in with people!

Back at Beth-H, Peter’s got a new patient, Jennifer Wilson, suffering from what looks like food poisoning. Just keep in mind that nothing is ever that simple on Remedy. For all I know, it could be the plague. No one has time to contemplate that kind of scenario though, because it’s when the new patient comes in – a prisoner, fresh from the exercise yard. It’s gonna be one of those days, right?

Sandy is not entirely happy with Jason’s bossiness, especially assuming that she’s much more experienced at the job, but Mel’s here – he’s her boss and she needs to deal with it. Of course, she’d find it easier to deal with anything if some jerk didn’t park his car right in the ambulance bay, and who does that?!… Oh, hi, Gord! No, you can park wherever you want. Mel – and the fans – are more excited about Sandy’s upcoming ‘sex date’ than poor Sandy who can’t seem to find a way to process it yet.

Forget about snakes and prisoners though – it’s Griff who is having the worst day ever. Not only is he not dealing well with coming off the drugs, PJ also asks him to give Marla the pot she’s asked for – as a favor, for his lying to Zoe in the previous episode. Related – Griff needs to find some real friends. Zoe, by the way, does a damn good job ignoring her boyfriend entirely. Being sent off to the staff meeting by Kanaskie helps – they have a new Chief of Staff and she needs to be there to represent the… basement. What are they calling themselves, again?

Peter summons Mel to have a look at the injured inmate, which is totally unnecessary, but he’s dying to know if she talked to her father yet and if he happened to tell her about the possibility of Peter’s transfer. I’m honestly feeling bad for everyone not involved in any kind of drama at Beth-H but who has to deal with it *cough* Dr. Summers *cough* And speaking of drama, Mel sees Griff, follows him, sees him giving PJ’s pot to Marla and makes the logical conclusion – he slipped again, and now he’s also dealing drugs, right there at the hospital. He denies it, but she doesn’t believe him, and who could possibly blame her? Sandy is more inclined to believe him, but they can’t discuss it further because Jason has banned her from making personal phone calls during work. Which makes no sense because there are Conners everywhere – you can’t avoid to talking to your family in that hospital. Sandy is assigned to take care of the violent prisoner, and I can’t see how this can possibly to go wrong.

While Nurse Patel shows Peter the picture of the snake they’re still looking for – and I wish I didn’t have to see it – and lists all the bad things that can happen to you if it bites you, Jennifer’s bloodwork comes in. They don’t have much time to discuss it though because she suddenly goes into toxic shock and has to be rushed into the OR, where Jerry points out that Peter should have seen sepsis earlier and he also should have found the source of the infection. I’m so happy I’m not Mel, who has to deal with all that while trying to save someone’s life. Good luck! And she doesn’t even know about Dallas yet – fresh out of the OR, Peter asks her out for a drink after work. So that he could drop that bomb, perhaps.

The new Chief of Staff, Dennis Gillray,  is young, energetic, and full of plans about firing people by turning Beth-H into an outpatient hospital. Zoe is not impressed and tells him that much, supported by Allen, and, I believe, everyone else in the room. I do feel bad for the guy – she’s not having the best of days, and he just can’t get away with his crap. Afterwards, she meets Ben, the social worker-slash-psychiatrist who found her speech impressive. I agree with the impressive part.

Sandy checks up on her violent patient who promptly freaks out on her – thank God he’s chained to the bed, but still! Jason tells her off for going into his ward alone, even though, you know, it’s her job to check up on him every hour. Man, this is fun! She then runs into Griff and tells him to ask whoever dragged him into the drug-dealing thing to call Mel and explain everything to her. He does that, but Marla refuses, thinking she’d get in trouble – and she’s probably right. And PJ is not happy about the idea either, and I totally see where they’re coming from. I do feel bad for Griff, but he totally called it upon himself, so….

Jennifer’s bloodwork indicates that she’s pregnant, which means she lied to Peter when he asked her about that, although I agree with Dr. Summers – it was her husband, Nick, she tried to hide the truth from, not the hospital. Which she confirms when Peter goes to see her again, admitting that she’s not pregnant anymore – she had an abortion in Montreal. And this is when all pieces fall into place – it’s the consequences of the abortion they’re dealing with. Here’s your source of infection! She wants to keep it from her husband though. The problem is, she needs to have a hysterectomy, or she’d die, and she refuses to sign up for it because it’d mean she’d never have kids, which puts an end to all of her dreams. Dying would probably do that, too, but what do I know?

Peter doesn’t know what to do, and so he and Mel end up in the storage closet – for some heart-to-heart. What did you think? (It’s the part about the snake still being on the loose that still bothers me more than anything though.) Mel tells Peter it’s not his decision to make, he needs to roll with whatever Jennifer wants. CAN SOMEONE FIND THE GODDAMNED SNAKE ALREADY?!

After the staff meeting, the new Chief, knowing about Allen’s history at Beth-H, asks him if he’d mind being his consultant of sorts, to which Allen politely tells him to go screw himself because his ideas are so not going to work out. I swear I was applauding to Dr. Conner when he said all this.

Despite Jason specifically telling Sandy not to come anywhere near the prisoner alone, she does just that – because she probably never saw a horror movie before – and he attacks her, planning on using her as a shield to get out of the hospital. Unarmed. Surrounded by I don’t even know how many security guards. This plan was stupid from start to finish, but maybe it was the drugs in his system. Anyway, Jason swoops in and saves her, thus establishing the need for the high security wards.

Although Peter can’t not respect Jennifer’s decision to keep the pregnancy/abortion a secret from Nick, he helps her tell him the truth. Unsurprisingly, Nick doesn’t care about the kids as long as his wife is alive, and she’s wheeled off into the operation room. In the meantime, Jason tells Sandy it’s okay if she went out with Gord even though it’s a conflict of interests and she shouldn’t be doing that, according to the rules. Too bad she’s already changed her mind – when she goes to meet with Gord a little while later, she tells him that maybe they shouldn’t see each other for a while. Also, he needs to work on his parking etiquette.

Ben, the social worker-slash-psychiatrist, offers Zoe a part time job as his research assistant. He liked her passion at the meeting and thinks she’d be great. He’s willing to work around her shifts and all that, and she agrees, which I’m really happy about. Back at home, she confronts Griff about his lies. Man, this was heartbreaking. Kudos to Dillon Casey and his brilliant acting. Griff asks her to give him another chance because he needs her to be able to get through all this. Whatever her decision is, she’s taking it to… no, not the grave, to the bed! I bet he’s sleeping on the couch tonight.

And then I had a heart attack because they actually showed the snake. I did the scream thing together with Nurse Patel, by the way.

Peter tells Mel about the job – he applied to it before they got together, so it’s not like he was going behind her back with the whole plan or anything. She tells him he should take it if they make the offer – she would.

Or… would she?



~ I’m scared to death of, like, 3 things in the world, and snakes are 2 of them. So thanks for that…

~ On the one hand, I really wanted Sandy to have a romantic story line. On the other – Gord isn’t a regular, so it was obvious it wouldn’t last (even if they went through with the sex date). I still cannot for the life of me understand how is it a problem to date someone who is your patient’s emergency contact. Like, okay, you can’t date the patient, but emergency contact? Really? Now, who can she hook up with who is on the show all the time? Ideas?

~ The scene between Mel and Griff at the end of the episode was one of my favourite ever, maybe right next to the one between Mel and Allen in Scary Bears. Sara Canning’s acting skills will never not be astonishing, and Dillon Casey did a damn good job as well!

~ IMDB is a dead giveaway. Granted, it’s not always accurate, but so far Niall Matter is scheduled to appear in all 10 episodes of season 2, so Cutler is either not leaving until the end, or he’s not leaving at all. I do want him to get the offer though, if only to see how it would affect his relationship with Mel. Gimme some good drama!

~ As for the other drama, I can’t wait to see how the things will work out between Zoe and Griff. I like him a lot, he’s a good guy, but, speaking from experience, second chances are not always a good idea, especially when substances are involved, and Zoe already made it clear that she’s big on trust. It will not be easy for her to get past this particular incident. And what’s with Ben? Hm….

~ By the way, Griff totally didn’t have to do anything for PJ because Zoe knew the truth already, and yeah, she could get even more pissed, but how much more? He could have just refused.

~ Well, if you knew that the new Chief of Staff would be a dick, clap your hands. It would be just too good if they got someone sane. It’s like Kanaskie said in the previous episode – at least with Allen we knew what we were getting. Now I wonder how long it will be before Allen changes his mind and claims his previous position to save Beth-H from falling apart.

~ Who do I need to sell my soul to to get the Remedy OST on a CD or something?

~ A round of applause to Enrico Colantoni! Brilliant directing, sir!


Peter: It’s what I do, I guess. New adventures. Experiences.
Allen: I wouldn’t tell that to my daughter if I were you.

Sandy: Look at this idiot, he puts his hazards on, like that makes it OK, like he’s not parked in an ambulance bay, obstructing an ambulance from coming in here – and saving someone’s life!

Dr. Summers: Cutler thought you should assess.
Mel: Then assess I shall.

Nurse Patel: Do you know what he said? We’ll probably never find it. It’ll just lurk there, in the walls. Silent. Waiting to pick us off one by one.

Mel: I regret nothing.

Mel: This family has done nothing but bend over backwards to help you, Griffin, no matter how pathetic, and I am not doing it anymore. I am done. So you go ahead, you do your thing, your drugs, you destroy every good thing, every relationship.

Sandy: And I would, normally, I would jump at the chance to have sex with you, but there are so many things – my daughter, my job, my, God, my family nightmare not to mention the fact that you you parked in an ambulance bay.

Mel: My career is my number one priority right now. Well, Maya, – and then my career.
Peter: And then me.
Mel: No, then Sandy, then the rest of my family. And then you.
Peter: Fifth place, huh?

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