Remedy: The Fun Parts Of ‘Life In Technicolour’


Well, it’s safe to say that “Life In Technicolour” is my favourite episode of this season so far. Of course, the five remaining episodes still have a chance to blow my mind away, and they probably will, but it won’t be easy.

The episode starts with Mel and Peter not being all that willing to get out of bed and go to work and save people. Priorities! Which, apparently, doesn’t work well for Sandy since Mel totally ditched her duties as Maya’s aunt and there’s no one to babysit her except Rebecca. In the meantime, Zoe and Griff have a hectic morning of their own – today’s the BIG DAY for Zoe, as in the bone marrow procedure for Leona which she signed up for in the previous episode. If you don’t think it’s the best time for Griff to get high – clap your hands! Not that isn’t going to stop him, but still.

At Beth-H, Cutler’s first patients are Bob and Marg who got in some trouble in an amusement park after getting high on their daughter’s ecstasy (And suddenly my family is not that freaky at all). Apparently, Bob passed out and… well, that’s one hell of a nice looking gash on his forehead. Don’t do drugs, kids! Shortly afterwards, Peter joins Mel when an ambulance arrives bringing in Steve Afton who was injured in a bike accident. They take him in, leaving his friend and emergency contact Gord to wait in the hallway.

Upon arrival at Beth-H with Zoe – for moral support and all that – Griff finds out that [while being high, perhaps?] he booked the wrong day off and is now not only unavailable for said support, but also late for his shift. Needless to say, Zoe is not quite happy about that. Thank God, this is when Sandy swoops in and takes her to the procedure.

In the OR, Mel starts working on Steve’s injuries, although not before Jerry turns on her ‘badass’ playlist. (I’m crying on the inside every time I see Jerry *sniffles*) Speaking of Jerry, he is clearly worried about her distracting music choices and making a cut without marking it first. I would be worried, too.

Down in the basement, Griff tries to wiggle out of his shift, but Kanaskie won’t have any of it – they’re short-handed and he should have been more careful when booking his time off. (Or less high) And speaking of time off, Griff asks his fellow porter, PJ, to tell Zoe they were together the previous night, in case she asks. PJ is not impressed – if Griff’s cheating on her, it’s totally not cool.

Zoe is freaking out about the bone marrow procedure – just a little bit – but kudos to Sandy for staying there with her. They talk about Leona who had 3 weeks of chemo to prepare her for the transplant (Their friendship becomes my favourite thing ever, no kidding). It’s a damn shame Griff can’t make it there in time though. He’s too busy taking more pills. Okay, I’m a bit harsh on him here – he does go to talk to Leona and try to patch up things between her and Zoe if he can. She wants to see her daughter though, not her boyfriend.

While working on Steve, Mel finds an infected tumor in his colon. The responsible thing to do would be to wait for an oncologist, but Mel feels invincible and chooses to proceed, which Jerry disagrees with, but it’s not like there’s anything he can do to stop her. To be fair, they still do try to reach the on-call oncologist (But I’m still freaking out).

Sandy calls Rebecca to see how she and Maya are doing, and then runs into Steve’s friend Gold, who also happens to be a single parent. No, we don’t miss the gooey looks they give each other, which is super cute, but then Gold notices that she’s lactated through her scrubs since she’s still breastfeeding, and she takes off to take care of that and maybe do some work, too.

Mel’s best intentions go south when she accidentally perforates Steve’s infected tumor, and then she finds another tumor, also raptured. Yes, this is when the music goes off – so much for ‘feeling good’ about the whole thing. Thankfully, they finally managed to reach the oncologist who agrees to come in ASAP. Man, she’s not happy about the whole situation!

A minute before Zoe is sedated for her procedure, Griff bursts into the room to wish her good luck and do the whole boyfriend thing. Mentioning Leona was not the best idea though – Zoe makes it clear she doesn’t want him talking to her. Little does she know…

While Peter checks on his ecstasy patients – who now share the bed in the ER because Marg feels dizzy – the oncologist finally joins Mel in the operation room, openly pissed about her decision-making. ‘Two birds with one stone’ is probably not the best approach when it comes to surgeries. She kicks Mel out of the OR, and the latter instantly calls Peter – to talk, not to have storage closet sex. Maybe. Unfortunately, Sandy beats him to the storage closet, and the two of them finally let their frustration with each other out, although try as I might, I don’t see what Mel gets to be angry about – she did ditch her sister after getting them blacklisted with the nanny services. Peter’s face though when she tells him she ‘broke up’ with her sister and might need a place to stay – priceless!

Marla and PJ visit Zoe after her bone marrow procedure, and you’d think there’d be no chance Zoe would mention the lie Griff fed her about hanging out with PJ because his girlfriend dumped him, but what are the odds? Suspicious, Marla drags him away before it gets any worse. (I totally stopped breathing).

Peter’s ecstasy patients have a huge fight while he oh so desperately tries to remove a fishbone from someone else’s throat, but when he tells them to cut it out, Marg has a seizure. And I thought this day couldn’t get any more fun for all of them!

In the meantime, Sandy asks Jason if maybe he could assign another nurse to Steve because of Gord who asked her out, and it’s not the most professional situation, no matter how you look at it. Unfortunately [for Sandy], it’s not how it works. She then watches Mel being told off by the oncologist for making the reckless decision to remove Steve’s tumor, what with her being inexperienced and unsupervised. Ouch! Upset, Mel calls Rebecca who chooses to ignore her call. That doesn’t stop her from dropping the phone, and while she picks it up, Maya rolls off the table and hits her head AND I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS, DON’T HURT MAYA, NOOOO!

Allen comes to check on Bob and Marg right when Rebecca rushes into the ER with her granddaughter, and all hell breaks loose. Mel joins them, blaming Rebecca for being irresponsible and accusing her of drinking – why else would Maya end up in the ER on her watch? And then Sandy – who was right in the middle of telling Gord that she wouldn’t mind kissing him, if only she wasn’t Steve’s nurse when she was summoned to the trauma room – bursts in and beelines for her daughter, ignoring her mom’s attempts at apologizing.

After being called out on his bullshit by Leona who saw right through his ‘reconciliation’ plan, Griff changes his tactics and tells Zoe that maybe it’s not such a bad idea to steer clear of her mother. Meaning, he wouldn’t want to risk Leona telling her daughter that her boyfriend is on drugs again. If I were Zoe, I’d probably be suspicious, but this is when he gets the news about Maya and takes off. Saved by the bell… so to speak. He can’t do anything for Maya though, so instead Allen sends him to find Rebecca and keep her company. When he does find her, she insists on being absolutely sober and he believes her, and after she admits really wanting a drink but having enough sense not to go for it, he goes to the bathroom and flushes his drugs down the toilet, OMG YES THANK YOU!!!

Also, good news – Maya is fine. She’s got a concussion, but nothing too serious. Sandy asks Mel to stop telling the horror stories about their ‘mother dearest’ and actually forgives Rebecca, saying it could have happened on anyone’s watch. Mel sends her sister off to get some rest then, but instead Sandy finds Gord and actually kisses him. Man, it’s been one hell of a day.

In the meantime, Peter checks up on Mel, offering her a huge tub of ice-cream. They have a small heart-to-heart, and he admits that he thinks they could be more than just crazy sex buddies. Well, let’s see how this will work out! Later, Sandy comes over to help Mel finish the ice-cream while they watch sleeping Maya together. NO, YOU’RE CRYING!



~ Perfect episode all over, I don’t even know where to start. Although I should probably mention that Martha Burns is brilliant and needs to be in every episode. Pretty please? All in all, this episode tackled so many issues my head is still spinning. I’m happy that Mel and Sandy talked it all out; I’m happy Mel and Peter are getting somewhere (RIP Mel&Jerry); I’m happy Sandy might have a shot at a romantic relationship; and I’m beyond happy that Griff is at least on the way of quitting his old habits. Phew!

~ A round of applause to Sandy for being a real hero of this episode – no idea how she made it through the day without going insane, but it was amazing! And did I mention that her friendship with Zoe is just the best thing ever? I believe I did, but it wouldn’t hurt mentioning it twice. Hope this storyline wouldn’t be dropped.

~ But I still cannot understand what’s the deal with her not going out with her patient’s emergency contact. O.o

~ And speaking of Zoe, I wonder if she’s ever going to find out about Griff’s issues. Now that Leona knows about them, and Zoe still could choose to go see her one last time – I wouldn’t rule it out completely. I mean, we still have half a season left!

~ The storyline about Griffin trying to fix the relationship between Zoe and Leona in an attempt to see how good Zoe is with giving people second chances was amazing. We still don’t have a definite answer though – forgiving you mother for bad parenting after not seeing her for 20 years is one thing, but giving your boyfriend a second chance is something totally different. I have a feeling it’s not the end of the story though, but my ‘feelings’ are seldom accurate, so….



Sandy: Hey, Zoe. What’s going on?
Zoe: You know.Dread, misery, incompetence.

Mel: There’s a playlist on there. “Mel’s badass tunes.”

Kanaskie: Tell you what, when you can change the laws of math, man, you can have the whole week off.

Rebecca: I have three children, Sandy. All of them have teeth.

Mel:  And somebody turn off that damn music!

Sandy: Why is your hair down like that? You look like you’re in a shampoo commercial or something.

Peter: Mel and I just wanted to talk.
Sandy: With that hair? Give me a break.b

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