New Star Wars Teaser!


The new Star Wars: Episode VII teaser is here! As the year progresses, how are the Buns holding up, discovering more and more about the long-awaited sequel to one of their most beloved franchises?


I may have cried a little bit. It looks great. To be completely fair, J.J. Abrams does have a thing for making top-notch trailers. He does great with build up. Not so much with pay-off. This said, I want to believe in this. How can I not? I heard the music. I heard Mark Hamill’s voice. The thumbnail of the trailer has Chewie’s face on it. Do you know how awesome Chewie is? In the A New Hope script, George Lucas said he was awesome. He just knew how awesome Chewie was before Chewie even was a thing. I want Chewie. I want some Star Wars. I want this movie.


Have you noticed how Star Wars films never get old? Sure, they are a lot more impressive these days, what with the better VFX and all the magic of CGI, but the stories, the characters – they are immortal. I’ve got to admit that of all the reboots, remakes, and sequels in the making, Star Wars is quite possibly what I look forward to the most. Chewie. Seriously, how goddamn cute is it?! The beautiful thing about this project is that it takes me right back to my childhood and the excitement of my first encounter with Han Solo. Maaaaaaan! Special thanks  for not giving away the whole story, by the way. Few trailers keep that in mind these days.


I’m going to say it. I admit it. Goosebumps. Even though I was all, “Psh, another teaser with probably nothing innn… oooo desert. Music…” and then I couldn’t help it. My attempt at hipster too-coolness dissolved into nostalgic nerd orgasms and I understood why Anais cried. There is something in our effing DNA coded to Star Wars. Did you know that there is some evidence that the flu virus makes you more social right before you get sick? So, like, you go out and infect all your friends before you even know you’re about to ride the snot train to fever town. I think there was a virus released in the 80s that infected everyone to love Star Wars with a desperate, biological passion. Or, the geeks at least. There’s probably some immunity that creates soulless douchebags who don’t understand our obsession with Chewie. Regardless, I’m concerned that I should avoid trailers from now on. Go in blind. As a Christmas present to me.'

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