Inside Out News!


The news came in through facebook today. Inside Out, Pixar’s next big project, will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival as a part of the Out Of Competition screenings. That’s pretty big news! Although Inside Out does not have as prestigious a debut as, say, Up, which had the great honour of opening the festival, seeing animated films celebrated in such big events is always exciting. This also means that after several years of half-successes and painting eyes on machines, Pixar might be about to reveal another masterpiece. You don’t just get any movie screened at Cannes. The animated films that had the chance of being selected for the event were, pardon my French, pretty fucking great.

The clip above came with the announcement. It gives us another taste of the main characters: Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Sadness. Just as I thought when I watched the first trailers, despite their names, the characters don’t just represent one emotion, but a spectrum of emotions. Would I have chosen the names the writers did? Probably not, but I understand where they were coming from, trying to keep it simple and relying on the audience to connect the dots. The voice acting seems spot-on, the visuals are great, now I just need to know the story. I must admit that Pixar is doing a pretty darn good job at teasing me on that one. I will definitely see this movie.

I’m not going to give an automatic pass to Inside Out just for making it into Cannes. In the end, it’s just a festival, with its load of awesomeness, but also its load of bullshit. One thing is certain though. My expectations just went up.

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