Remedy: “Blood And Guts”


Buckle up, kids!

It’s not every day that we get to see Allen Conner haul palm-like thingies around Beth-H! Especially palm-like thingies that turn out being a housewarming gift for Zoe and Griff. Which he chose to bring to the hospital instead of asking what their address is. Ooookay! Griff is not entirely enthusiastic about it though – Allen and his plants are so pushy, man! Come on, Girff, give him a break, he’s worried. Naturally, Allen can’t help but ask Zoe to keep an eye on his son, just in case…

Marla comes over to the basement to tell Zoe that there’s a woman in the ER asking about her and saying she’s her mother. [I bet it’s Monday. It totally sounds like Monday]

On the way to the hospital cafeteria, Mel tells Sandy that Cutler looks at her all the time, ‘like a wolf’ no less, which in Sandy’s opinion is a good thing – Mel needs to move on from her break-up with Jerry. Why not with Cutler? [I’ll keep my opinion to myself for the time being]. On the other hand, it’s cute how he manages to flirt with her over apples instead of, I don’t know, breakfast rolls. Now that would be weird.

While Griff is having a minor meltdown about his existing family (PUT THOSE PILLS DOWN, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!!!), Zoe decides to have a look at her estranged mother, whom she hasn’t seen since she was 5. Okay, let’s face it – Griffin has no right to complain about his family issues after that!

Meanwhile, Mel and Jerry have THE talk – about the ring and how things would have gone if they didn’t have that stupid fight. He wants to know what she would say if he did in fact propose, and her immediate response is HELL, NO! It would be a disaster and a mistake, and I totally don’t buy any of this. Sorry not sorry (please don’t burst my bubble). This wasn’t closure. Please!

Imena the Beth-H Board member approaches Allen in the ER – it turns out that Dr. Tuttle resigned for ‘personal reasons’ and the Chief of Staff position is open again. He is quite welcome to join her at the meeting and have it back. Allen isn’t having any of it though – not after they basically kicked him out – and he’s off to tend to a guy named Danny who has a gunshot wound. Exciting! Danny is wheeled into the trauma room and while they are waiting for an on-call surgeon – Mel! – to join them, Allen and Cutler try to stabilize him, seeing as how the bullet is still inside and its’ never a good thing.

In the meantime, Marla brings the woman claiming to be Zoe’s long lost mother – you can never be truly sure about the identity of someone you haven’t seen in 20 years – to the basement and they have a very awkward conversation. Zoe couldn’t be any less enthusiastic about Leona’s visit, which she shows by leaving without so much as a look back when Leona faints. Yikes!

Allen and Cutler have to do a thoracotomy on Danny – something that neither of them have done before, but they don’t really have a choice if they want to save the man’s life. Now, the way Allen reached straight into Danny heart – that was badass! Even Mel was impressed when she finally arrived, and I guess we all know that she’s not that easily awed.

Griff’s charge of the day is a teenager named Tommy whose dad is a total jerk – the kind that finds it totally suitable to make all decisions for Tommy because he “knows best”. Well, this is something Griff can totally relate to, or so he thinks at least, because come on! Allen has never been a dick about that kind of stuff! Griff wheels Tommy away at top speed, leaving his dad behind. Wheelchair races will never not be fun, right?

Marla tells Zoe that Leona has been admitted and they’re running some tests on her. They’re both kicked out of the room when Mel, Jerry, and Cutler bring Danny in for the surgery. He’s alive after Allen’s intervention but barely, and they need to dig the bullet out of him.  And while they’re pulling Danny back to life, Allen has a small moment outside of the OR, probably questioning his life choices and wondering if maybe he does, in fact, belong upstairs. I know I would.

Down in the ER, he’s a hero. In bloody shoes. I’m surprised they’re surprised by it – I mean, it’s a hospital. Then again, if I were Nurse Patel and Dr. Summers, I also wouldn’t want Allen moving back to his old position either – he’s too precious right where he is now. Also, he’s entitled to a break, which Allen dismisses without thinking twice. There are lives to be saved after all! Except he needs clean shoes, and the only ones in the Kanaskie’s “Lost and found” box are women shoes. Unlike the ladies in the ER, Kanaskie does want Allen to be back as Chief of Stuff, and in his act of niceness – I wouldn’t call it bribery – he even offers him his own shoes. As long as Allen returns them clean and blood-free. Ha!

Tommy and Griff have a bonding moment over how dads totally suck when they try to control you. Amirite or amirite? Tommy tells Griff about this totally hot girl named Patti whom he met during his time at the hospital, and whom his dad doesn’t approve of, and Griff is kind enough to take him see her. Isn’t he just golden? And while the youngsters are busy, he runs into Sandy who tells him that Tuttle is gone. “Personal reasons”.

A few minutes later he finds Zoe watching her unconscious mother though the ward window. She doesn’t tell him the truth about Leona, and instead they argue about having a family vs. growing up in a foster home where no one really cares about you. Really, guys? Really?

Downstairs, Allen checks on the patient who promptly vomits on Kanaskie’s shoes. (Of course!) Yeah, okay it COULD be fish tacos, but it wouldn’t hurt anyone to run some tests, would it? While Nurse Patel is at it, he heads to the OR to check on Danny, but it’s not the best time, and Dr. Guerra is not particularly patient with Allen and the way he ‘poked a hole’ in Danny’s heart earlier. So much for being a hero, huh? It leaves Allen visibly shaken, and who could blame him?

Zoe can’t help but asking Sandy about Leona’s condition, even if it means actually admitting that the woman might be her mother. They watch Leona’s bone marrow biopsy and talk about how Zoe looks like her, which Zoe doesn’t really see. Afterwards, Zoe goes to talk to Leona who apologizes to her profusely, admitting that she’s been thinking about her daughter every day for 20 years. (Which makes me wonder – why wouldn’t she try to find her sooner?)

Once Tommy is done with his procedures for the day, he wants to see Patti again before leaving, and Griffin even makes sure that another porter wheels Patti’s elderly roommate for a walk around the hospital to give the kids some privacy. Because this is what hospitals are for, jeez!

In the ER, right before finishing his job, Guerra tells Mel and Jerry to get over their issues – they have a game coming and he needs his team to be in good shape. Once he’s gone and Mel is left to finish the surgery, she tells Jerry they should pretend the ring never happened. He agrees, and I DON’T!


Well, it turns out that Zoe’s mom knew what her diagnosis was from the start, and all she needs to feel better now is a bone marrow transplant. Preferably from a family member. Naturally, Zoe feels betrayed – so much for the mother’s love! She does, however, agree to be tested to see if her bone marrow would do, but only if Leona promises to leave afterwards and never come back.

Tommy’s dad walks in on him and Patti and takes Tommy away, saying that he shouldn’t be seeing her. Griff tries to defend the kid against his father’s pushiness, but Tommy tells him to back off. And this is why you don’t help random strangers, dude!

After the surgery, Guerra sends for Allen, and then tells him that they’re cool – Allen did what he had to do, and in their line of work fast decisions are a necessity sometimes. Which does make Allen feel better. Or at least good enough to decline Imena’s second invitation to join her for the Board meeting. Instead, he goes to find Kanaskie to return his vomit-covered shoes. And have a drink, by the looks of it.

Tired of his subtle stalking, Mel tells Cutler to cut it out – she’s not going to sleep with him. He’s cool with it – it’s not like he wanted it to happen, or anything (yeah, right!). She’s determined to storm out of the hospital because the cocktail party awaits, but running into him in the elevator changes the course of events. They end up in his apartment, and you can guess how things go from there.

And while Sandy is busy working extra shift, and Mel is busy… with Peter, Zoe and Griff are left to babysit Maya. Which is too much pressure, apparently, if he needs to pop some more pills to make it through a night of being an uncle. Unaware of this turn of events, Zoe tells him about what happened that day.

Fade out….


~ To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed that Dr. Tuttle quit off-screen and we didn’t get on or two last scenes with her. I do hope that we haven’t seen the last of her, but…

~ I get where Griff was coming with Tommy – he could totally relate to the boy’s crappy relationship with his authoritative father who obviously thought he knew better than anyone what was best for his son. But Griff was out of line with the whole situation with Patti and with confronting Tommy’s dad – it wasn’t his call, or right, to be a matchmaker to one of his patients and to tell the parent of said patient how to treat his kid. He desperately need to stop overreacting to everything Allen says and does.

~ And speaking of Griff, I’m assuming it won’t take Zoe long to find out that he’s being medically enhanced again, and while a part of me wants it to stop, another part is not at all excited about what might happen next.

~ Allen was so totally badass in this episode! We need more superhero Dr. Conner! Not sure how I feel about his decision to stay in the ER yet. On the one hand, if it makes him happy – good! On the other, now we have no idea who’s going to replace Dr. Tuttle, and if they are going to be any good. Then again, maybe his decision wasn’t that final after all.

~ Loved the fact that a huge part of the story was focused on Zoe and her past, and how awesome she is. It takes guts to see your mother and then walk away from her. Not sure she’d have actually done the bone marrow thing for just anyone, as she claimed, but it might be a closure for her. Which also makes me wonder – if she could walk away from her mom, would she also walk away from Griff once she knows that his old habits are back?

~ And on the topic of closures, I still hope that it’s not 100% over between Mel and Jerry. I AM SORRY, I DON’T CHOOSE WHO I SHIP, OKAY? (Again, please don’t burst my bubble). Mel’s thing with Cutler had to happen – this much was obvious. But! I’m going to keep my fingers and toes crossed just in case.

~ We need more Sandy/Zoe bonding moments! Please please?

~ A round of applause to the writers – I *heart* you all so much!

Stay tuned!


Sandy: Mel, you need closure. Or open. What’s the opposite of closure?

Sandy: You gonna eat that, or put it under your pillow?

Nurse Patel: Knock yourself out, my lord.

Griffin: Wait, like the only girl within ten blocks hot or actually, empirically, smoking hot?


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