Are you ready for Game of Thrones season 5?


It is near. Heavy clouds have darkened our beautiful spring sky and colours seem to have faded. Three days. Three days and Sunday will soon become your favourite day of the week once again, at least for the next couple of months. You’ve warned your Mom that there’s no way she can call you on that day, but it’s probably unnecessary: she will be there as well. After all, you made sure to convert most people you know. The others? They’ll get to it, eventually.

You have the offerings, you have the attire, you may even have some friends around for that night. Let’s just hope that your friends and your offerings aren’t the same. You’re prepared for the day. The first day of worship of the closest thing to a religion that you have. None of its deities are kind or understanding, none of their servants are sure to make it to another sunrise, and you, my friend, are a blood-thirsty witness waiting to cry, fear, rage, and also probably tweet. Catharsis, yes, but 2.0 please.

You’ve probably already chosen your champion, by the way. He or she might worship R’hllor, the Seven, the Old Gods, or perhaps maybe something even stranger, but you’ll be rooting for him until the very end, which, you know, could be this very Sunday for all you know. After all, you’re a Game of Thrones fan. A Game of Thrones fan knows that every episode could be any character’s last appearance. And for once, even the book readers won’t be able to brag too much about knowing everything in advance. I mean, there are a couple of things… Either way, I’m done being all cryptic and dark. It takes a lot of energy. I don’t know about you guys, but I want to save it for this season.

Seriously, though, who are you rooting for? I’m clearly a Targaryen, but I love Arya and Tyrion. I’m warning you now because this is probably going to show in my recaps.

Excited yet? Because this dragon-lover certainly is.

– Anais L

Some say she’s French. Some say she’s a voodoo witch. What is certain is that Anais left her awkward print on all things artsy at one point or another in her life, performing as a singer and a pianist, exhibiting photographs and paintings, and leaving an embarrassing amount of visual proofs of those events on the internet. Anais’ dream is to be an animation writer. She thinks everything should be animated and she is more than half convinced that she is herself a cartoon character. She hopes that one day, Pendleton Ward or Jennifer Lee will read her screenplays and say they’re neat.

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