Remedy: All The Fun Parts Of “Playing Doctor Conner”


It’s amazing how Remedy manages to make every new episode crazier than the one before it…

“Playing Doctor Conner” opens with Dr. Tuttle and Allen having a rather heated conversation about lawsuits and Griffin, and … wait, what? This happened while somewhere else in Beth-H Zoe tells Griffin to get a lawyer (or call his mom, for that matter). WAIT, WHAT?! By the way, telling your significant other to go read a book while you’re possibly dealing with some serious charges is… well, pointless. No?

A short elevator ride later, Griffin meets with Tuttle and the hospital lawyer Eric Reckell, who asks Griffin to recount the events of the day for him – up to the point when someone died on his watch. To hear his side of the story, that is. (Stop making me want to order Chinese, thank you!) Well, Griff’s day started really nice, R-rated kind of nice. If only it wasn’t for Zoe’s books cluttering the apartment!

A while later, after arriving at Beth-H, he ends up being in charge of taking Jayne Baugher upstairs for her appointment. She’s not much of a talker, but not for his lack of trying. Seeing as how he’s back to med school, guessing her diagnosis becomes something of a challenge for him. We all need a hobby, don’t we?

In the meantime, the Conner sisters are having a nanny crisis because Sandy is back to work – YAY!!!! – and someone needs to take care of Maya. However, the nanny is late, which is totally not cool, no matter how you look at it. And yes, ladies, I also get distracted every time Dr. Cutler is in my line of vision. Niall Matter has this effect on the greater part of humanity.


In the ER, Allen asks Nurse Patel to time his interactions with the patients to track his efficiency, and Dr. Tuttle is her charming self when Sandy shows up for her shift. No, she can’t be back in ICU yet, but she can help fix the mistakes of the less experienced staff, under the supervision of Jason, who is also not particularly experienced. All seems to be right in the world.

Wait, did Cutler just ask Mel when it would be okay to ask her out now that she and Jerry are not together? Smooth!

Griffin and Jayne continue to bond – he’s trying real hard to figure out what’s wrong with her and she’s mostly ignoring him, probably because she was a med student herself, and she knows a bit too much about the medical world. Which Griffin mentions to the lawyer when he describes the events of the day. Reckell chooses not to dance around Griff’s past and his drug problem, and asks him directly about his current status as a drug addict. Would he mind having a drug test? Griff suggests they ALL take it, including Tuttle. Now that’s something I’d really love to see!

Rewind to a few hours back. Zoe is understandably conflicted about getting rid of her stuff, and rightfully so! Maybe she’ll go back to med school eventually, or maybe she won’t, but why does she have to decide right away? Marla suggests she keeps the essentials and got rid of everything else. Make sense, actually.

It turns out that Allen is kicking ass in the ER, although Cutler is still almost twice as fast. And here’s the suggestion – how about we don’t turn this into a competition? /freaking out/ On the upside, the Conner siblings talking medical stuff is the best thing ever – this is what I assume their family dinners were like when they were growing up. All is fun and games though until Sandy’s supervisor nearly kills one of the patients after misreading his condition. Yikes! How about we promote her to the Head of the unit, or the floor, or something?

Mel has a look at Allen’s patient because he can’t find what’s wrong with him. Allen is concerned about not being fit for the ER, but come on! Who has it easy, anyway? I love the supportive father-daughter scenes the most, no kidding. He’s gonna be great!

Griff finally finds out what’s wrong with Jayne – not without Bruno’s help though, because Bruno rocks! – and they talk painful and nasty death, and then beer. At the end of the day, it’s all about beer, right? The thing is, she is not sure about the diagnosis because her doctor is away and she didn’t get the results she came to Beth-H for. Griff decides to sneak into the office and fix that – Jayne deserves to know what’s wrong with her after all. And they do. And the results are not good.

It’s really nice of Reckell to ask Griff if Jayne was distressed over what she found out. I mean, it’s not like we’re talking about something terminal and painful. Of course, she was in distress!

I am still with Mel on the whole nanny thing! What’s her deal, anyway? Sadly, all this drama gets in the way of Sandy dealing with Jason who still hasn’t faced the consequences of his actions. Hope they’ll get back to it eventually. And speaking of drama, Mel bumps into Jerry – because they still work together and all that. It’s painfully awkward, especially when he mentions returning the ring (THANK GOD HE MENTIONED THE RING!!) that he didn’t get the chance to give to her. /No, YOU are crying!/

To Reckell, it doesn’t matter that Jayne was actually capable of reading her own file  – he blames Griffin for diagnosing her even though he’s not a doctor. Are you for real?! Griff didn’t do anything, he just read what was written in the papers! Jeez.

Down in the ER, it turns out that Allen’s patient has a broken neck. WHAT?! How is he not dead?! The guy is sent instantly to the OR, and Allen has a deep talk with Cutler about how being a great doctor is about paying attention to his patients instead of rushing through them.

Meanwhile, Mel fires Maya’s nanny and the confronts Sandy about the ring because they just can’t deal with one crisis at a time. It’s more fun this way.

And speaking of crisis – Reckell asks Griff why would he leave Jayne alone after barely letting her out of his sight for HOURS. Griff admits that he’s been getting texts from his sister Melissa, about the baby trouble, and he had to take care of it. Except he’s lying and it’s Dr. Tuttle who needed help after relapsing. She gave him her pain meds to make sure it didn’t get any worse than that, and I’m so not liking it. Naturally, he can’t say that to Reckell, so Mel under the bus we throw. Figuratively speaking. On the bright side, the baby crisis wasn’t fake.

So, when Griff goes back to where he left Jayne after talking to Dr. Tuttle, she’s gone. It doesn’t take him long to find her in one of the wards, but it’s too late – she slit her wrists with a scalpel, unable to face the possibility of slow and painful death. She begs him not to do anything, and he hesitates for a few moments before calling for help – just enough time to let her slip away. Damn, that was intense!

When the interrogation is over, Tuttle tells Reckell that no one will be fired. She’ll take care of it. And once he’s gone, she thanks Griffin for not mentioning her backslide. God, I wish she’d demand her pills back… Griffin then asks Mel to tell Reckell that they were together when Jayne committed suicide, promising to explain everything later. And Sandy tells her that she’s going to keep on working and she’ll need Mel’s help, so she better keep it together. And then she promptly yells at Jason – because people’s lives are at stake!

In the ER, Dr. Summers asks Allen if he’d like to grab a bite or have a drink after the crazy day, but he chooses to stay for another shift – he needs to practice. Man, I love him.

When Griff comes back home, she finds Zoe sorting through her stuff – she’ll keep the things she doesn’t need in the Beth-H storage, knowing where they are in case she needs them. He’s distracted and stressed after everything that happened that day, and then there are the pills…

So. Not. Cool!



~ LOVED the structure of this episode – show us the major drama and then reveal the details through a series of flashbacks. It’s always been one of my favourtie writing techniques.

~ Please, oh please, oh please tell me Mel and Jerry will sort their issues out and he’ll get another ring! My heart can’t take it, really. I mean, there’s no way this is the end, right? He was going to propose, for heaven’s sake! You don’t throw away something like that. Even Zoe and Griff make it work somehow, and they’re more messed up.

~ So happy Sandy is back in the game! Such a pleasure to see more of Sarah Allen’s lovely face. Not to mention that she’s seriously badass. I bet she’s going to get her position back in no time. Also, let Mel choose the next nanny. Like, really.

~ Seeing as how everyone was expecting Griff to go back to his old habits from the start, it’s no wonder it finally happened. He’ll figure it out, it’ll be okay. Zoe is gonna be pissed, but they’ll work it out. Their relationship was too idyllic – this had to happen. *takes deep breaths*

~ As for Jayne, I’ve got to agree that she’d have done it anyway. If not at the hospital, then at home. There was nothing Griff could do to save her, short of miraculously finding a cure for sarcoidosis in the next five minutes. She had the right to make this decision for herself. Which was sad, but you can’t blame a person for not wanting to be in pain. I tend to have a lot of thoughts on the subject…

~ Whatever Dr. Tuttle’s deal is, it’s going to bite her in the ass. I’m pretty sure she’ll be happy to hand Allen his position back before we know it, seeing as how it’s been a blast for her so far. I don’t think Griff would actually blackmail her into doing it, unless lives are at stake, but maybe it’s not entirely impossible.

~ I rather enjoy the interaction between Allen and Cutler. They have an interesting dynamic, and both Enrico Colantoni and Niall Matter execute it brilliantly. I do hope that remedy will keep on exploring their relationship. And who knows? Maybe they’ll be best buds before long!

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