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Fast and Furious 7 hit theatres in April at approximately 200 km/h. Being Paul Walker’s last film before his death in a car crash in November of 2013, it was bound to be special, one way or the other.




Furious 7 was an ass-clenching ride filled with quippy one liners and physics-defying stunts. Cars sailing out of planes, off of cliffs, through the top floors of a skyscraper. How none of these people ended up as a pulverized mess of flesh and bones, we will never know. But who cares?! They know what they’re doing is crazy. They do it because it’s crazy, and that’s what separates this franchise from anything Michael Bay can whip at us.

It tosses everything that’s worked in the past in a giant blender and it works again. Heists, epically long car chases, exotic female crew member that is somehow crucial to the plot… It’s pretty ridiculous and clever in how they weaved past storylines together, but it all seemed… a little empty. Maybe it was because they were missing Han. I mean, come on. Han was the best character. However, it’s a worthy installment to the FF series, and if it were – it could’ve been a perfect end to it all. Oh yes, there at least three more FF movies coming out after this one. Jesus Christ. Personally, I’m not sure how they’re going to continue on without Paul Walker, but I guess only time will tell.

I know everybody had some sort of morbid expectation that Brian O’Connor would have some heart-wrenching final scene where he kicks some serious ass before succumbing to his injuries. But nope. What they gave us was infinitely better instead. A beautiful sendoff for a man who gave us big fantasies of race cars, jiggly booties, and family until the very end. Brian O’Connor will live forever in these movies, and by extension, so will Paul Walker.

Excuse me while I go cry myself dry again.





Conflicted feelings, conflicted feelings… I facepalmed through 2 hours of Furious 7 and then cried my eyes out over the last few scenes. How do you even start to reflect on something like this?

The good. The one thing that the Fast & Furious movies always did well was diversity of cast, and the new film wasn’t an exception. Kudos for that! And how cool was it that they made the most badass hacker of the world be a girl? And not just a girl, but Natalie Emmanuel? I may or may not have squealed when Brian pulled the bag off Ramsey’s head because MISSANDEI!

The stunts, unsurprisingly, were very, very unbelievable, but top-notch nonetheless. I think I could watch Brian and Dom fly between the towers in Dubai in that ridiculously expensive car for hours on repeat and never get tired of it.

The idea of having two antagonists sure was fun! The plot would probably fall flat if it was just about Shaw’s revenge, but having Djimon Hounsou’s Jakande as another antagonist made it a lot more exciting.

The bad. Don’t get me started on product placement – it might turn into a 5000-word rant about the whole Furious 7 being nothing but a 2-hour commercial for something or another.

Then there’s the dialogue, namely – over-dramatization of 80% of it. I was surprised they didn’t all have literal dark clouds over their heads, what with talking the way people don’t talk. It’s my personal pet peeve though – the dialogue needs to be real *facepalm* This particular thing made me side with Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw just because his lines weren’t measured and depressing as hell.

And what’s with the SloMo? Were they trying to stretch the film to the planned 2 hours that way? The first few scenes were okay, but about 30 minutes into Furious 7 it got ridiculous, and you’ve got to REALLY try to make that happen to a film about street racing.

The verdict. All in all, I’m happy that Furious 7 gave a certain closure to everyone and tied up the loose ends. Letty remembered her past and can now drive happily into the sunset with Dom, and Brian embraced the beauty of simple life and being a father and a husband instead of putting his life on the line. Everyone is happy.

However, it’ll probably take me a very long time to get over the last few scenes because they were beautiful and symbolic and heartbreaking and tear-jerking and HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME?! Paul Walker’s death was tragic and untimely, and no one who appreciated his talent will get over it anytime soon. That said – thank you, Furious 7, for the beautiful tribute.




I’ve only recently stepped into the Fast and Furious world. I watched the first six movies in a marathon last weekend and then caught Furious 7 on Easter Monday. I’m blown away by the demographics that FF movies capture.

From an article that began with the money numbers, like the ridiculous $392.2 MILLION worldwide debut, I gathered some stats on Furious 7.

In America, the audience was 51% male and 49% female.


Say what? That’s not what Hollywood producer types keep telling everyone. They say women don’t like action movies. Women like princesses. Not cars. WRONG! (Movie idea – princesses drag racing, I called it.)

The Furious 7 audience was mostly over 25! (56% age 25 and older)


I lumped action movies and video games together because this time… it’s personal.

Furious 7 audiences were 37% Hispanic, 25% Caucasian, 24% African American, 10% Asian and 4% other.


I know I’m yelling a lot, but first, it’s exciting, and second, I’m deaf after seeing Furious 7. Totally worth it though. Thrills, chills, spills, and kills. My favourite part? Frills. Watching Letty fight in that goddamn gorgeous red gown was amazing. The racially diverse audience makes sense to me. The FF movies do an amazing job of representation. But the ladies? Why do women love these movies so much? I mean, dudes aren’t even topless. And there is a lot of gratuitous T and A shaking around on screen. So, why do we have lady boners for Furious 7?

I think, because no one tells a woman in the Fast and Furious universe that she can’t do something. Even the realization that the hacker is a hot chic is not about her gender, it’s about how freakin’ hot she is. Like, they’d be surprised if they’d just unmasked Ryan Gosling as the mysterious Ramsey. It’s a burn on computer geeks, not women. No one argues about Letty racing and no one is shocked when she wins. The ladies are just as fast and just as furious.

I could do with less lady butts though. No. Actually, I just want more man butts. Equality, that’s what I’m about.

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