X-Files is getting new episodes!


It’s official! Chris Carter is going to make six new episodes of the classic sci-fi show for Fox, and Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will be in them!

What do you say, Buns?


In any other case, I’d probably start another rant about how there’s nothing new and original happening in Hollywood anymore and how everything is rebooted and remade these days, but it’s The X Files we’re talking about, and I’m stoked. For once, I quite literally am. The X Files was my first true love and my first fandom, and it’s still my 2nd favourite show of all time – after Friends, of course. It’s the reason I’ve been obsessed with everything supernatural and paranormal my whole life. It’s the reason I wanted to become a coroner (until I actually visited a real morgue, but that’s another story). It’s the reason I don’t even remember my natural hair colour because I’ve been dyeing it red for… many years. And yes, I do have my doubts about the new upcoming episodes – it’s been 13 years after all! – I still can’t help feeling happy and nostalgic. This show has been a huge part of my life for so long it’s crazy, and knowing that Chris Carter is stepping in to make it happen is like a cherry on top. The man definitely knows what he’s doing – 10 seasons of the original series is good proof of that. And let’s face it, you can screw up the project regardless of whether it’s an original one, or an extension of something long forgotten. And the best thing is that at this point they can’t do anything to actually ruin the original show – even the hardcore fans will most likely think of them as two entirely separate projects anyway. Worst comes to worst, we’ll just pretend that the 6 new episodes never happened.

Yes, I want it. Bring it on!


Imagine you and your sister have cuddled up to watch X-Files on Friday night. You’ve made popcorn. You turned all the lights off in the house. It’s hella dark outside because you live in Northern Alberta. And then these glowing green insects in “Darkness Falls” eat people when the lights go out.

Just as the episode ended, our neighbour turned their green Christmas lights on outside and we screamed and ran upstairs. Little girls, amirite?

The news of six new episodes is very exciting. I think a little pee escaped when I saw the announcement. I’ve recently started X-Files all over again, from the very first season. It’s amazing. Like Nadin, the show was a formative TV experience for me. Scully inspired me to be an accomplished, strong woman who shouldn’t settle for anything less than equal in a partnership. And the long, slow romance between her and Fox is the standard by which I measure all fictional love. Not only did X-Files fucking nail monster-of-the-week television, it also cultivated one of the most culturally pervasive story arcs of all time: the government conspiracy to cover up aliens. We all know the music and we all know that the truth it out there.

I want to believe.



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