Remedy Comes Back With A Bang!


We made it!

After 11 excruciatingly long months, the best Canadian drama – and yes, Remedy is the best – has finally returned to our screens! And it came back with a blast. Literally. The cast and crew had been dropping hints about all kinds of spectacular things bound to happen in the new season, but what we got was just wow!

For one thing, Beth-H fell victim to the economy and a bunch of people lost their jobs, including our very favourite Allen Conner (Enrico Colantoni) – which wasn’t entirely surprising with Dr. Linda Tuttle (Catherine Disher) being the new Chief of Staff. Clap if you saw it coming! I have to admit though that the premiere of Season 2 did a great job showing that the enthusiasm and greed for power are not enough when it comes to dealing with an actual crisis.

And speaking of which – Remedy didn’t exactly give us time to get all cozy and comfy before blowing up half of the hospital and throwing everyone in the emergency mode. The tension escalated instantly when it turned out that Lonnie (Stephanie Belding) was seriously injured during the explosion, which sends Zoe (Genelle Williams) into a deep and overwhelming guilt abyss because she switched duties with Lonnie last minute and, under a slightly different circumstances, it would have been her on the operating table. This is not the kind of feeling you’d want to carry inside of you, folks!

On top of the explosion, Mel (Sara Canning) is having an intense day that is crazy in its own way. A new doctor, Peter Cutler (Niall Matter), joins the team, and he has his eyes on her from the moment they meet, which doesn’t escape the attention of Mel’s boyfriend Jerry (Brendon Gall). You think this situation screams ‘trouble’? I sure do!

You can’t help feeling bad for Cutler though – wherever you turn, there’s one Conner or another, and with Sandy (Sarah Allen) hopefully back from the maternity leave soon, it’ll be fun.

I was hoping that the season premiere would be an ‘all’s well what ends well’ kind of episode – Papa Conner got his job back after all, Griff and Zoe said the magical words to each other, Mel and Jerry were ridiculously adorable – but then Lonnie died, and now some of us might have to cry their way straight into the next week. *sad*

PS If you didn’t melt at the sight of Jerry holding Sandy’s daughter Maya at her half-birthday party, you’re lying.



~ I MISSED REMEDY! A LOT! It’s really good to have my weekly dose of the Conner family back.

~ I also forgot about the ‘no eating during Remedy’ rule. This time it’s going to stick. Maggots? Really?

~ Zoe and Griff are just too precious. I honestly have no other word for it. Kudos to Dillon Casey and Genelle Williams and their incredible on-screen chemistry. They seem to be a bit too idyllic now, which I’m worried about because we all know how the TV show work, but – fingers crossed!

~ I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY KILLED LONNIE!!! I mean, come on! Not Lonnie! She’s been through a lot already, she didn’t deserve this. I hoped they’d save her, and I’m going to really, really miss Steph Belding in the rest of the season. RIP. I hope there was a good reason to do that. Like, the best reason ever. Seriously!

~ Still not sure how I feel about the implied Mel-Cutler-Jerry love triangle because even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE Niall Matter (duh?!), I’m team Mel&Jerry till the end of time. It’s good to have him as the show regular though. If Primeval: New World was any indication, his on-screen chemistry with Sara Canning is one of a kind, so it’ll be interesting! I like Peter Cutler.

~ A round of applause for the writers. I have no idea how they make it happen, but so far, every new episode of Remedy has been better than the previous one. And based on “Our Friend, Chaos”, the rest of the season will be one hell of a ride. To be honest, I didn’t expect the time jump – here’s spoiler free for you – but I’m happy it happened. Matt Ward is going to be missed, and, with any luck, we haven’t seen the last of him yet (pretty please?), but it’s probably for the best that the drama between Sandy and Brian stayed in Season 1.

~ It’s always a pleasure to see Nurse Patel and Dr. Summers kick ass!

~ Tune in for more medical awesomeness next Monday on Global TV!



Mel: Who wants to be a Dolphin? No arms, no legs, eating fish all the time…

Cutler: I should kick his ass.
Mel: He’s my boyfriend.
Cutler: Nice guy.

Sandy: I think I should go down there.

Rebecca: And do what? Breastfeed?

Cutler: I just told that guy his daughter has a nice ass. How the hell was I supposed to know they were related?


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