I Kill Giants Getting Adapted to Film


I wrote about I Kill Giants last summer when we first bought our own copy of the graphic novel. The comic is amazing. I leant a copy to Anais. She cried too.

The book prompted discussions about bullies, innocence, anger, death, and friendship. The writing is phenomenal, the world is profoundly intimate and illustrated to blow your socks off, and Barbara and her mighty hammer, Coveleski, will steal your heart.

The news today is that I Kill Giants is being adapted for the big screen.

What about it, buns?


I’m excited to spend more time in the I Kill Giants world, so I’m excited to see this adaptation move forward. Am I concerned about Chris Columbus producing? A little. Sometimes his films aim too low, not giving kids enough credit. And I Kill Giants is dark. It’s emotionally messy and has to be. If the writers can magically find the same perfect balance of realism melded with fantasy, the movie is going to kick ass.



I’m with Roz on this. Chris Columbus might make I Kill Giants too cute and innocent, and it’s absolutely not. Should children be able to see it? Yes, but that doesn’t mean it should be toned down. Children and adults should be able to appreciate I Kill Giants in all its poignant beauty and just cry. Yes, the crying part is important. I hope they will dare making it as messy and heartbreaking as it should be. It deserves it. We deserve it. In the mean time, feel free to pick up a copy of the graphic novel, as well as a box of tissues.


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