Do You Like Muppets? Do You Like JGL? We’ve Got Good News For You


JGL is set to produce, write, and star in a future Fraggle Rock movie! Buns?



I am probably the only French Caribbean person who spent several evenings just waiting for Fraggle Rock to start on that one kids channel we had at the time. I didn’t pay much attention to the stories, but it had songs and it made me want to dance. And I did, when nobody was around to watch. To be honest, I’m really getting tired of old things being brought back to the big screen – Hollywood, if you’re out of ideas, I know a lot of really talented people who would kill to have a chance to see their stories brought to life. I’m not quite as excited as I could be. Still, JGL (whom I follow on Twitter) is also very talented and quickly expanding his set of skills. I saw Don Jon, his first movie as a writer-director-actor, and thought it was a pretty good first film – funny enough, and with some genuinely sweet moments. Still, will he be able to bring to Fraggle Rock the kind of energy that a Jason Segel brought to The Muppets? I guess we’ll see. Consider me intrigued.



I totally screamed, “YES, THANK YOU!!! I’LL WATCH THE HELL OUTTA IT!” the moment I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name was mentioned and long before I even finished reading the first sentence of the article. I agree with Anais though – are we going to be done with reboots and remakes any time soon? The word needs something new! And yet, how can I not be excited about Muppets and Joseph Gordon-Levitt TOGETHER? Of course, there’s always a chance that the film will suck or be over the top stupid, but there’s also hope for it to be cute and funny, and why not? I tend to keep my expectations about such films low in general, so I’m pretty sure I’d be satisfied with whatever. Good luck!



This might be like peanut butter and chocolate. Fraggle Rock is the train to way-back nostalgia town and it makes the kid in me giggle with excitement. The project is full of win with JGL at the helm. I anticipate good things. Everything we loved as children is going to come back. So, where is my live action Sailor Moon movie? Or She-Ra? Oh right, those have ladies in them. Well, at least Gargoyles will have a chance!'

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