Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Is A Must-See!

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Do you like ridiculously funny and smart comedy? Do you like TINA FEY? Then make sure you don’t miss Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You won’t regret it!

At 14, Kimmy was abducted by a crazy cult and kept in a bunker for 15 years. When she finally gets rescued, the gloriously optimistic Kimmy moves to New York to start again.


I have NO idea how Tina Fey came up with the idea of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but I will forever be grateful for it! This show is my crack. I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT’S UNHEALTHY! And I totally don’t care because it’s THIS good! Why, oh why, oh why would they release all 13 episodes in 3 days though? How am I supposed to cope with my life now that we have to wait for god knows how long until season2? Ugh! Yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is ah-mazing!

Yes, it is mostly a parody, but at the same time, it tackles the issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, all kinds of the wrong values of privileged white people, flaws in legal, educational, and immigration systems in America, and many more. It’s one thing to think about all this abstractly, but put all these issues in a context, and voila! Smart and meaningful comedy that will make you beg for more.

The characters are diverse and all kinds of awesome. It’s impossible not to fall in love with overly optimistic Kimmy, and oh my god, I want my own Titus! Kind of the same way I want my own Felix from Orphan Black. Don’t judge. The rest of the Mole Women are also crazy and interesting in their own way, and in general, I think this show is a total win. Then again, Tina Fey was involved, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

PS I’ve had the intro song stuck in my head for over a week now, and  I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT!



13 episodes is simply not enough. I want more Kimmy, and I want more Dong (ha-ha), I want more Jon Hamm (though I don’t know if he’ll be appearing in future seasons), and I definitely want more Titus.

This show really surprised me. Netflix shows are usually a hit-and-miss sort of situation, and after the absolute snooze-fest, Marco Polo, I was kind of expecting Kimmy to be… not so good. That was not the case. I loved it. Loved every moment of it.

While it may seem over the top silly – whether it’s the insanely eccentric characters, or the impossible situations – at the core, it’s really just a heart-warming coming-of-age tale.

Ellie Kemper is phenomenal as Kimmy. She’s always had an infectious, frenetic sort of energy to her, and I’m glad that they’ve dedicated a show entirely to her fabulous self. And don’t even get me started on Titus (if you can believe it, that’s his name in real life too). He’s got the voice of an angel and the strut of a fashionista. Deep down, he’s a loyal, unwavering friend who would do almost anything for his loved ones – including steadfast dedication to his ridiculous lies. On the surface, he’s a goddamn diva with a truckload of insecurities. And that’s what I love about him.

Watch this show. I mean it.



Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt was supposed to be a mid-season replacement on NBC for the 2014-2015 season, but Netflix picked it up after NBC dropped it. Big mistake NBC!

The tricky thing about a show like UKS is it’s cartoonish nature. It can take awhile for a zany live action show to grow on you. I think 30 Rock was a bit like that too. So, I can understand why execubots might not get it after only watching a few episodes. But, guys, everything Nadin and Rachel told you is true. It’s addictive, hilarious, and the writing and performances are brilliant.

My Top 16 Favourite Kimmy Quotes:

16. I got a room and a job and a temporary tattoo that says,  “You’re grape!”

15. I tried counting sheep but then I started thinking, “Why are all those sheep jumping over that fence? What are they so afraid of? What’s chasing them!?”

14. We’re not garbage! We’re human beings!

13. Alcohol tastes good. I like it.

12. Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying, watch!

11. I’m a big fan of your products, particularly the shark gummies, which I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

10. I’m so sorry! I was up all night. All my money got stolen, and I haven’t had a clock since my Tamagotchi died.

9. I’m a stranger danger ranger!

8. Yeah, Xan, the monkey was a woman because women can be anything now.

7. Troll the respawn Jeremy.

6. Our teacher stinks like a week old sea pistachio. I’m sorry, oyster.

5. I feel like I’m on Bravo, that channel still shows operas right?

4. Who among us is the perfect foot slut?

3. That was the fanciest sentence I’ve ever heard, and I used to watch Frasier.

2. I’m getting my diploma, I have a boyfriend, and I finally have a bra that fits right thanks to that bra salesman in the other van.

1.We eat a bag of dirt, pass it in a kiddy pool, and move on.







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  • masd@hotmail.com'
    April 25, 2016


    Kimmy is 90% Erin from The Office and that’s SO perfect for Erin fans. I wouldn’t credit Tina Fey for coming up with the idea for this. If anything, they just created a backstory to justify the Erin character. Whoever came up with Erin is the true genius.