All-Male Ghostbusters Reboot: … Huh?

This just in: the promising Paul Feig all-ladies remake of Ghostbusters is apparently far from being the only Ghostbusters project on Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd’s list. Another one of those is an all-male… Ghostbusters.



You know, sometimes I wander around toy shops looking at toys and I always end up fuming with rage when I realize that the whole store is basically divided in two sides: the boy/blue side and the pink/girl side. This is how this news makes me feel, like someone, somewhere saw the backlash at the announcement of the all-female remake and saw in it an opportunity to make more money by sending the girls to see the Ladies!Ghostbusters film while the guys would go see the Guys!Ghostbusters film. I mean, this is pure speculation. I don’t even know when the all-male remake is supposed to come out. All I know is that every time I call it “the all-male remake”, I feel like an idiot. An all-male remake of Ghostbusters is really just a remake of Ghostbusters, without any visible twist on the original premise. The reason why I’m so excited about the all-ladies one is because, beside the whole female representation matter, it at least tries to take a spin on the original concept. If we can’t even have that (and when you think about it, an all-female recast is a pretty simplistic idea when it comes to twisting around concepts) without someone going all “no, we also need a shot-for-shot remake of the original one”, it means that Hollywood has become a really, really sad place.

One good thing though? Channing Tatum is apparently attached to the project. I can always use more Channing Tatum in my life.

Actually, you know what? I’ll get excited if they make this a Magic Mike meets Ghostbusters movie and they also get Chris Hemwsworth and Hugh Jackman to play in it.



The only way I’d be okay with Bill Murray-less and Sigourney Weaver-less Ghostbusters movie would be if it were an all-female project. And hey, look, we already have it coming! So no, I  don’t think that the new all-dudes reboot a good idea at all. Just for once, let the ladies have fun without the guys being all petulant and pouting and demanding their own remake. 2012-2014 were really big on adaptations – you couldn’t walk into a bookstore without seeing NOW A MOTION PICTURE on every other book. From what I see, 2015-2017 will be all about remakes and reboots of every kind, which makes me wonder – are things really that bad in Hollywood? Are there really no fresh ideas to work with? I understand that it’s easier to milk the same cow over and over again, knowing that it’ll be an almost definite success regardless of the quality of the films – people are sentimental after all. And yes, with the modern day technology, the advanced VFX would make any film look more impressive. But the classic movies are called that way for a reason – they’re like time capsules that should be left alone. So, while all-female Ghostbusters are about diversity and bringing attention to the unappreciated ladies, the all-male Ghostbusters is nothing but at attempt to show us once again that the women just can’t be left alone – there will always be a bunch of dudes to come and tell them to suck it. Plus, aside from Foxcatcher, the majority of Channing Tatum’s projects were rather B. I like him just fine, but I’d rather he stayed with the whole 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, and whatever it is that he’s into.

What about you, Bunsters? What do you think of the all-male Ghostbusters project?'

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