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Agent Carter brings Strategic Scientific Reserve (S.S.R) Agent Peggy Carter, played by the cheekily fabulous Hayley Atwell, from the big screen to television. We got eight episodes of period action drama lady power and in January 2015, some of the producers suggested that the show might not just be a one shot miniseries. There could be a second season.

What are they waiting for?

Number crunching, probably. The ratings for Agent Carter weren’t super impressive despite the online popularity of the show. The two-episode premier averaged under 7 million total viewers. In comparison, How To Get Away With Murder exploded on to the TV market last year with 14.12 million viewers tuning in to the premier and never dropped below 8.3 million. The final episode of Agent Carter had just over 4 million viewers. But, the show has a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and IGN gave the first season 8.8/10. Of course, a period drama with action and science fiction elements is expensive to produce. So, the fate of Agent Carter might depend on all of us. Get to your favourite social media outlet and keep the Peggy Carter love going. Don’t forget to follow Hayley Atwell on Twitter, she’s goddamn hilarious.

Buns, how much did you love Agent Carter?


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Marvel is the studio that can summon all of the press whenever they damn please to talk about literally all of their projects and then go on to announce that, meh, maybe they won’t be at SDCC this year. Marvel is the studio than can make a movie where the climax contains a dance battle and have us beg for more. As someone on the internet said, they can do whatever they want. What are we gonna do about it? Watch DC?

So, knowing all that, can a Marvel project really be cancelled at this point? Can anything they do be considered bad enough to be buried and shamed? I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. In any case, I hope that it won’t happen to Agent Carter, which was my number one mid-season show for 2015.

You can count me in for anything that will display a healthy amount of British phlegm, of course, but protagonist Peggy Carter and her sidekick Mr Jarvis are much more than a couple of Brits getting into crazy shenanigans on American grounds. They are people, complex enough to immediately engage us and keep us coming back, week after week, to follow their adventures. It also helps that Peggy is so relatable: yes, she is badass, much more than a lot of other female characters in TV adaptations of well-known comic books (Looking at you, Gotham), but her problems felt real, from the blatant sexism of the world around her to the mourning of her beloved Steve Rodgers. All the characters felt real, even playboy millionaire Howard Stark, who was absent for much of the season but managed to be a scene-stealer every time he was on screen. Pro-tip: want to make your audience care about a seemingly heartless mad genius? Show him dealing with the consequences of his actions. Season one was basically about that.

The sheer awesomeness of the protagonists and their companions is evenly matched by the genius of Leviathan, the organization they’re fighting throughout the season. Fennhoff himself gave me the creeps every time he started touching that ring of his. I love a villain who can get inside your head. It makes battles so much more interesting. Dottie Underwood was also great, of course, as the embodiment of a perfect killing machine.

I could go on and on, telling you about backstories and themes and how both of those things were tied together in the plot, but you know what? I just hope that you guys will start watching. The series is character-driven, action-packed, and knows exactly how much emotion to pour into each episode, on top of just looking great. What else could we possibly ask for?

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Okay, let’s face it – Peggy Carter is one of THE best things that has ever happened to the MCU, and I don’t say something like that often. Granted, Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the films that I don’t care much about, all things considered, but Peggy was, is, and always will be the very best thing about it. Even though a part of me really wishes they’d go for a Black Widow spin-off – BECAUSE COME ON, NATASHA ROMANOFF, PEOPLE!!!! – Agent Carter has not only been one hell of a show, but it is also quite possibly one of the most remarkable TV series ever made. And it’s only been 1 season so far!

And what a season it was, maaaaaan!

The only bad thing about it – and I believe everyone would agree with me here – was that it was criminally short. I hope against all hope that the next season will be 100 episodes long. Or at least 22. 22 sounds good as well. Just please give us more!

I guess it goes without saying that Hayley Atwell is beyond brilliant as Peggy Carter, and I honestly can’t imagine a better fit for the role. Atwell is an exceptional actress that made Agent Carter alive on so many levels, making it possible to both feel for her when she’s being wronged by all the mighty men around her and root for her when she kicks ass and saves the day.

All in all, I’m really happy about the way Agent Carter tackles the issues of the era so far – Cold War paranoia, sexism, racism, discrimination of every kind, endless misogyny (to name a few)… And what’s a better way to address all those issues than to have a strong female lead take matters into her own hands and try to make the world a better place? Women don’t have it easy even now, in the 21st century, so what is there to say about 70 years ago? I am happy, oh so happy, about the way they’re dealing with it so far.

That’s not to mention the absolutely brilliant supporting characters that make Agent Carter even more badass. I am so deeply and irrevocably in love with Edwyn Jarvis it’s not even funny at this point. He’s funny, cute, adorable, loyal, and OMG DAT ACCENT! Quite frankly, I’d be happy to watch Marvel’s Jarvis show (had it been a thing) just for the heck of listening to Jarvis talk about the most trivial things. Like going to bed at 9 PM.

And although I am not the biggest fan of Howard Stark, it’s still cool to see the back story behind the Stark Industries and everything we’re dealing with in the Marvel films set in the present day. Also, have you noticed just how much alike Tony and Howard are?! Agh!

The SSR team is not really growing on me yet, mostly because of how they treat Peggy. Not the biggest fan of misogyny, see? BUT! But they’re starting to come around, and there’s a lot of potential for all of them (for those of them who are still alive, that is), which, I believe, would be a nice progression in the future seasons if the writers play it smart and make the best of it.

What I do love and enjoy A LOT is the backstory, so to speak, and the becoming of Black Widow that we get to see through Dottie’s storyline, and if we’re lucky, and keep our fingers and toes crossed, there’s a chance we’ll see even more of it in the future. What’s not to like?

So far, Season 1 gave us more questions than answers, and I hope they’ll keep the awesomeness coming in Season 2! Agent Carter is quite possibly the show with the biggest potential on TV right now. Dear everyone responsible for its renewal – don’t screw it up! Thanks!


PS That lipstick, right!?

PPS Mad shout out to Enver Gjokaj, who I fell in love with on Dollhouse.


Season two romance subplot please.


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