Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Trailer #3


…and then this happened!



Although I DO mind that they keep giving away EVERYTHING, it’s still beyond awesome to know that Age Of Ultron is coming out in under 2 months, and that it’ll be epic, no matter how you look at it. So much badassery in just 2 minutes – imagine the awesomeness of the full-length film, ugh! All dem robots, man! PS Natasha fucking Romanoff is going to steal this one too, right? Also, Bruce and Nat? Sweeeeeet!


Internal conflict – to watch the trailer, with potential spoilers, or to not watch the trailer and die a death of a thousand sadnesses… OK, I totally watched it. OH MY GLOB. I think a little pee escaped. Ultron might be my new, sexy Darth Vader style crush. Also, if you aren’t an Avengers reader, get out there and do some research on Vision. You don’t want to be one of the people in the theatre, leaning over to their comic nerd friend, and ruining the movie for everyone with your infernal, “Who’s that guy? Is he a bad guy? Why is his face like that? Is he a robot too?”


I think I might be robosexual. Proposition infinity, anyone? Aside from that, there’s so much stuff in this trailer. Did I see Tony weave Loki’s staff? Who was that at the end? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face before. Oh, right, The Vision. I still don’t remember where I’ve seen him before. I should read more comics. In any case, I haven’t seen Paul Bettany in anything good in a while. Last time he was in an AI-gone-rogue film didn’t turn out so well. Don’t worry, Paul. Marvel’s got this.


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