Aquaman: We Gots Pics!


So this happened. The very first pic of Jason Momoa as Aquaman.


At first, I just made some kind of high-pitched sound. Then I thought that I really needed a cold shower. Then I noticed the dulled colours and wondered if Zack Snyder ever works with another colour pallet. Then again, Jean-Pierre Jeunet always works with the same colours and – yeah, no, wrong example. I love Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s work but I despise the colours he uses. I guess my point here is that I’m not sure how the actual movie will turn out. Still, I could always use more pictures like this one. Yup. I definitely want mo-moar.

Mo-moar? Get it?

… Guys?


I would watch it for Jason Momoa alone, no questions asked. But those pictures? Maaaaaan!! I might have to watch Aquaman sitting in a bathtub full of ice, but that’s nothing but technicalities, right? No idea who’s responsible for Aquaman‘s promo campaign, but they are doing right. Oh, so right! Maybe it’s just me though, and my love for dark/grey/b&w tones in everything, but whatever. This guy looks like… well, sex on legs. Which he is.


Have you dudes read any New 52 Aquaman? It’s really good! Pick up “Volume 1: The Trench” because it’s action and comedy with some freakin’ terrifying bad guys. I love the way they play with the idea that Aquaman is the joke of superheroes. No one likes him. Everyone thinks he just talks to fish. People hope a real superhero will come to the rescue. But Aquaman continues to help people and he’s a pretty sexy badass. Jason Momoa might not look like the golden haired Adonis I expected, but I think he’s perfect. I saw him at a con once and he was asked what’s sexy about a lady. He said her hair in a bun. SWOON.


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