Mathematical! The Adventure Time Movie Will Be Made!


The news is out: There’s going to be an Adventure Time movie! We don’t have much information yet, but we do know the identity of the producers and guess what? They worked on The Lego Movie! That’s good news, right?


I am way too psyched by the mere idea of an Adventure Time movie. Don’t get me wrong: this actually has the potential to suck. Adaptation is hard. Adapting a cartoon such as Adventure Time is even harder. There’s hope though. We know next to nothing about the team beside the producers’ names, which means that everything is possible! Plus, not so long ago, I seem to remember that Pendleton Ward himself said that he wanted to make an Adventure Time movie. This is probably it. If the producers are smart (which I believe they are) they will let him do as he pleases. If that happens, the Adventure Time movie may just be a masterpiece.

Also please get the cast of the series for the movie. Also Olivia Olson has to do the music. All of the music. Kay? Kay. See you at the next announcement.


Adventure Time is basically the proof that you can be high on excitement in and of itself, and we’re talking about 10-minute episodes. A movie?! 90-something minutes of pure awesome? I can’t even begin to imagine how absolutely incredible it will be! Jake, and Finn, and the Princesses, and Lady Rainicorn, and God knows what else, all rolled into one crazy adventure – this is easily the best thing that could have ever happened to us all and to the world, and quite possibly to the Universe. I don’t even care if it’s going to turn out bad – after all, Adventure Time is like cold pizza. As in, even cold pizza is better than no pizza. Amirite or amirite?

Anyway, bring it on already! Like, where’s my fast-forward button?'

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