Goodbye, Mr Spock


Yesterday was a sad day for nerds all over the world. Leonard Nimoy, a.k.a. Mr. Spock passed away at age 83.


It’s funny because I didn’t really appreciate Star Trek until I was an adult, but I still remember watching it on TV from time to time when I was a kid, and the only character that stood out was Mr Spock. Well, I should say “Monsieur Spock”, because I watched it in French at the time. I don’t remember understanding or paying much attention to what was happening, but Spock was intriguing to me, if only because his cold logic was both fascinating and alien to the being of pure, raw emotion that I was.

Great characters always give a bit of their immortality to the actors who incarnate them. This is true of Leonard Nimoy as it is true of many great actors. As a consequence, it’s always a punch to the gut to see them go.

Leonard Nimoy was one of the great icons of my life. He was a highly talented actor, a true artist, and an extraordinary human being. May he live long and prosper in our hearts.


I can’t even begin to process the news about Leonard Nimoy’s [untimely] passing. Someone like him should have stayed alive forever. To be fair, I am not a space sagas fan in general and never have been much into Star Trek, but Spock has always been my favourite character in all Star Trek films. Hell, I was the only kid on the block who could do the Vulcan greeting when I was 8 or so, and it always way the endless source of my pride growing up.

The forefather of all Spocks to come, Nimoy will forever stay the greatest of them all. The world just won’t be the same without him. RIP.


If there was a person that should’ve lived forever, it probably should’ve been Leonard Nimoy. Whether it was Spock, Dr. William Bell, Sentinel Prime, or Spock Prime, he’ll always have a place as an absolute titan in the world of science fiction. Goodbye, and thank you.'

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    February 28, 2015

    John Smith

    Most people associate him with Spock. To me, he was the voice of Master Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts.
    He’ll be missed, definitely.