Neill Blomkamp sends his regards… and an Alien project


Neill Blomkamp, VFS alumni and an all-time Buns favourite, announced that his next project has been green lit. This project is nothing other than an Alien revival. And there’s more! Rumour has it that Sigourney Weaver is going to be a part of it!


Shut. The front. Door. Neill Blomkamp is awesome. Okay, Elysium was a bit cheesy and his main trick seems to be sci-fi post-apocalyptic settings combined with tragic heroes. So what? Alfred Hitchcock made about a gajillion movies about his issues with the same blonde woman and I don’t see anybody complaining. I am happy about this for three reasons. One, I look forward to Neill Blomkamp possibly doing a horror flick. Two, I really think Ridley Scott should move on to other things, as long as those other things are not historical or biblical movies and I’m happy that someone young and promising is given the chance to work on such a great universe. Three… I just want me some Aliens, man.


The prospect of another Alien movie set my Twitter afire with people in two camps: I love this idea or I hate this idea. Polarizing concept, right? I’m with Anais. Generally, I just want more stuff in that universe, even though I thought Prometheus had some totally God awful moments. Don’t run in a straight line! Just. What? People were also divided about whether they want to see more Ripley or not. Well, I do, so shut up. Space panties FTW. Also, that cat. More cat please. I’m reading the comics and I think there’s lots of story left to mine in the Alien world.

What about you? Should they make another Alien movie? And if they do, should they use Ripley?'

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