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We’re thinking about web series today and love it when people say, “Oh my God, that’s the best. Have you see this?”

Anais and I will start, you dudes can help us out.


I aim to be this cool.



The Guild

Roz: Created and written by Felicia Day, The Guild is a phenomenal accomplishment. Day stars as Cyd Sherman, a nervous introvert who plays a priestess, Codex, in a fantasy MMORPG video game. She and her guild mates meet in real life and band together to try to survive the mundane world too.  It’s great writing, funny and insightful, but also a huge success for the team. Like, doubloons literally falling from the sky success. Seasons were available on the official Guild website, YouTube, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace, MSN Video, and iTunes. They had Wil Wheaton as a guest star. News is, sixth season is on it’s way.



Into THESE woods, amirite?

Standard Action

Roz: You love Dungeons & Dragons? Shut up forever and watch it happen in real life. Plus, it’s hilarious. These magnificent bastards have episodes of their web show online at their website. And lots of other goodies. They had success crowd funding for Season Three, so there’s lots of crazy fantasy inspired comedy adventure to check out.



Or just, The Catbug Show


Bravest Warriors

Anais: It’s the story of four teenagers and their crazy adventures as saviours of everything. They eat weird food, kick a lot of ass, and there’s even some genuinely non-sucky romance in it. How could it not be awesome? As we’ll see in the next show on the list, Cartoon Hangover is kind of made of everything good. Bravest Warriors just has this particular taste of “like Adventure Time, but somehow with less restraint.” Season 3 should be upon us very soon and I couldn’t be more excited.



Bee and Puppycat

Anais: This is Natasha Allegri’s baby, the same Allegri that brought us the Fionna and Cake comic. It’s radically different from Bravest Warriors in tone and even genre, in a sense. It is about magic and other worlds and kicking butts, but where Bravest Warriors is an adrenaline shot, Bee and PuppyCat is a nerdy young woman’s daydream as she lays down on a couch with a kitty purring next to her on a lazy summer afternoon. PuppyCat – because ambiguous hybrids who are also possibly warrior princes and can pull off sparkly jackets are nothing but amazing. Now do yourself a favour and subscribe to Cartoon Hangover’s Youtube channel.

Roz: Remember how you loved Sailor Moon, the first time you saw a video of Maru, and walking around your own apartment naked (like a lady boss)? Mash it all up, add ice cream, and shove it in your face hole. Joy? That flavour is called Bee and Puppycat.


Comedy. They has it.


Broad City

Roz: Originally a web series you can watch on YouTube, Broad City is about two young women living in New York. The show was created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and they star as Ilana and Abbi, feminist everygals drifting through life as they figure out how to get pot and avoid work. Crazy story, they got a show on Comedy Central with Amy Poehler as one of Broad City‘s executive producers. They’ve been renewed for a third season, so peeps, you’ve got lots of comedy to catch up on. Start with the web series and watch it grow into one of the best comedy shows on TV, because dreams really do come true. I mean, with enough pot.



Whoa. Dead ringer. Get it?



Adult Wednesday Addams

Anais: This is my most recent discovery, and I want to thank Tumblr for it. Thanks, Tumbles. You’re sometimes annoying as hell but you, my friend, are a true resource for pretty things and good material. Who has never wanted to see what Wednesday Addams would be like as a young woman? The writing is a bit on the nose at times, but it gets better with every episode. It has a minimal amount of character, good comedic timing, and a delicious mix of feminism and classic gothy goodness that will make you play your favourite episodes on repeat. We’re in the middle of Season 2 and the episodes are all available on Melissa Hunter (creator and main actress)’s Youtube. My personal favourite? “The One Night Stand”.

We’re calling on you, oh internet experts, to give us your suggestions for web series. We need moar! MOAR!!

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