Spider-Man MCU Alert, Yo!


Oh , wow! Spider-Man and Marvel? According to the official announcement,  a $4 billion deal was signed between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment for the yet unspecified film featuring Spider-Man to be released in 2017. Sony Picture, however, will remain in possession of creative rights of the Spider-Man films.


It might seem like it’s too little too late (especially with Robert Downey Jr. “retiring” and with Mark Wahlberg stepping up to the iron helm OVER MY DEAD BODY), but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I’m highly doubting Andrew Garfield will remain Spidey, but maybe it’s a good thing, since I don’t think they’ve quite found the perfect Peter Parker/Spider-Man just yet. Marvel has always been spot-on with their casting, so I have faith that the next Spider-Man will probably be the best Spider-Man we’ve ever seen. The only thing left is for them to get mutants into the picture, and THEN everything will be perfect.


World, leave Spidey alone. No, really, I have no doubt that Marvel would do a good job, but I feel like it’s, once more, too soon for a reboot. The terrible Amazing Spider-Man movies will still be very much present in the audience’s mind when they get to watch the new Spider-Man movies. I get that Marvel can’t wait to get Spider-Man into some Avengery shenanigans. I want to get excited about this, but it’s somehow too soon and too late at the same time. For me, this sounds like a misstep. I want to trust that Marvel will do what needs to be done to get Spider-Man back on track, though, so in the end, I am dubious, but curious.


In comic books, Spider-Man is one of my favourite characters. Hell, I had a gazillion Spidey action figures as a kid, and this sort of says a lot. In the films, however, I care about him about as much as about The Fantastic Four – not at all. A part of me is mildly curious about how he’s going to fit in the Avengers team, or wherever they will place him. The greater part of me is furious – Spider fucking Man, of all character is confirmed for MCU films, but we don’t get to see Pepper Potts?! Are you kidding me? Let’s keep cutting out awesome badass ladies and adding more dudes to the team! Let’s even bend the rules and mash the universes for it. I don’t remember the last time I was facepalming this hard. In short – I’ll be impressed by it as soon as Pepper comes back -_______-


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