Live-action Link? Want.


It seems like Netflix and Nintendo may be working on a Legend of Zelda live-action TV series. Since the media company is already developing TV projects with Marvel for some of their less known characters, this leaves me wondering: is Netflix trying to seduce me? Because I think it might be.

Okay, let’s be real for a second. Video game adaptations are hard, to the point that almost no TV show or movie got it right. There’s been a Legend of Zelda show before, a 90s cartoon that was so bad it was actually entertaining. Apparently, the project may be a family-friendly Game of Thrones. So, no deaths and no boobs, I guess, but the first Zelda game that came to my mind was Twilight Princess.

Aside from that, The Legend of Zelda wouldn’t be the hardest game to adapt: it already has a clear story, the universe can exist in any variation of the fantasy genre, and we know the main characters. Basically, all you need is Zelda, Link, and Ganon. Hell, you may not even really need Ganon. All you need is a force to oppose Zelda and Link. You may not even need Zelda, although actually developing her character and giving her things to do would be much appreciated. Speaking of developing characters, you’d need to give Link an actual personality. Unless you make him a mute, but good luck with that.

In any case, I obviously count on Netflix and Nintendo to consult me when the time comes to cast the Hero of Time. I mean, I’m obviously the only person who knows who would be perfect for the job.

I am getting way too excited over a simple rumour, aren’t I? For me though, it’s less about Legend of Zelda itself than the perspective of maybe, just maybe, finally getting a decent adaptation of a video game. We don’t have to get one, of course. If I had to pick between a Legend of Zelda adaptation and a straight-up original fantasy project, I’d choose the original project without a second thought. For me though, it’s a matter of satisfaction. You know that feeling when we watched Iron Man? I want to have that with a video game adaptation.

– Anais L

Some say she’s French. Some say she’s a voodoo witch. What is certain is that Anais left her awkward print on all things artsy at one point or another in her life, performing as a singer and a pianist, exhibiting photographs and paintings, and leaving an embarrassing amount of visual proofs of those events on the internet. Anais’ dream is to be an animation writer. She thinks everything should be animated and she is more than half convinced that she is herself a cartoon character. She hopes that one day, Pendleton Ward or Jennifer Lee will read her screenplays and say they’re neat.


    February 9, 2015

    John Smith

    It does really sound like a simple rumor. And to be honest, I hope it will be debunked eventually. I can’t see it work, and I don’t get why they’d even want to try that? The story in Zelda has always been a skeleton (with some few exceptions like Majora’s Mask, Link’s Awakening and MAYBE Twilight Princess) while the meat is the great gameplay. Link is just that: a link between the player and the game, an empty shell to project yourself into.

    What’s the point of a Zelda story if you can’t be in it?

    • February 9, 2015

      Anais L.

      I think the reason why they’d want to try it is fairly simple: to get people to watch it. I don’t think a series is absolutely necessary, as I said in my article, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. I’ve seen weirder things happen =)