Roz’s Rant – Hot and Cold

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The internet makes everyone an expert entitled to their opinions. But it doesn’t cure stupid.

No matter how much you say you won’t read comments online and you won’t take idiots personally, it always happens. Like today, when I got all hot and bothered about people weighing in on Ashley Graham, a size 14 model, making history by posing in the Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue.

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I like her shoes.


First off, she’s beautiful and she talks the healthy girl talk. Let’s all walk the walk. I sincerely hope it’s not “the beginnings of the ‘Curvy Girl Era’” as stated by the ET website article. I thought we were all going to agree that you could be healthy and sexy regardless of how voluptuous your curves or how perky your bosoms. We’re still defining beauty by what your body looks like. So, business as usual. Dumb ass comments ensued. Humanity is doomed. A few brave men talked about shaming men for their bodies too. Everything is the worst for everyone.

Enough about hot bikinis. This is what I really came to rant about.

Fox News and the “Frozen Effect”: the idea that we are making strong, inspiring role models for girls by turning the male characters into fools and villains. Watch the video on the Slashfilm post annihilating the “Frozen Effect” argument. Because it’s stoopid.

If anything, take a stab at Frozen for making bad characters. Elsa has been hiding in her room all this time, doing what? I hope she’s been reading about world history and not just masturbating her days away. At the end of the movie, she cuts ties with their best trading partner. Say what? You live in a tundra wasteland, you need to trade ice for fruits and vegetables or all your people will get scurvy! You’d totally be sorted Ravenclaw, be smarter, lady! And Anna. Anna! Who accepts a proposal without moving in with him first? What if he’s terrible at sex? You need to know these things. She’s a total hero though, Gryffindor all the way.


See, they belong at Hogwarts, right? The owls were probably all, “Blizzards for miles? Ain’t nobody got time for that shit.”


I also think we have to give Frozen props for making pretty good male characters. Sorry, Fox. You’re wrong. Hans might be the bad guy, but he kinda knows how to run a kingdom. He’s smart and ambitious. He’s a Slytherin. They go bad. That happens. Complicated villains are amazing and we love them. Then there’s Kristoff. He’s not a gross loser, he’s a sweet guy with his own business. He’s a Hufflepuff, sure, but that doesn’t make him a fool. Was Cedric a fool? No, he fought a Swedish Short-Snout dragon and was a total boss on the Quidditch pitch.

I’ve been watching and reading a lot of Harry Potter. It’s how I escape from the viper pit that is the internet. What are you mad about this week?

– Roz Y.





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