Game Of Thrones – Official Season 5 Trailer Is Here!


Aaaaaand the magic finally happened!


This season is going to be interesting. I want to know how they’re going to tell the story, since they’re going to skip a part of book four and mix events from book four and book five. I think it’s also where they start going into unkown territory even for the readers. George R. R. Martin is not giving us a new book this year, so we may actually get spoiled by some of the event of this season! I’m also curious about Vary’s last remark concerning the true leader of Westeros. Hm. Hmmmmmm.

I’ll be recapping the episodes, just like last year. So yeah, I’m psyched!


How dare you, George R. R. Marting, make me get so excited about a bunch of people in medieval clothes, trying to incapacitate each other in every sort of crazy way?! And yet here we are… Who is going to die next? Who is going to get stabbed in the back? I will never be okay with this show having only a handful of episode per season instead of, like, 40!

The new trailer of Season 5 is sure intriguing, and, surprisingly, doesn’t give away too much. At least not to someone who hasn’t read the books. Oops! Anyway, bring it on! Game of Thrones is yet to disappoint. Also – stoked for Anais’s recaps!'

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