The Mentalist: “Copper Bullet” Totally Killed It!


Pun intended….

A petition to make Bruno Heller stop traumatizing us more and more with every episode! I mean seriously, if the intensity of the remaining eps of The Mentalist keeps growing, I’ll end up in a psych ward by the time the finale rolls in. AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE WHOLE FINALE THING! This season has been a dream come true so far, and I cannot even begin to process the idea that it’ll be the last one ever.

“Copper Bullet” opens with our old friend Bill Peterson ,who we’ve met in “Green Light”, digging out a crudely made coffin out of the ground in Rio Bravo, Mexico. It’s not a stretch to assume that the skeleton belongs to the Zeta cartel leader Abbott shot during his mission a gazillion years ago. Yep, he’s definitely up to no good…

Back in Austin, Jane and Lisbon are having an ice-cream date while trying to have THE TALK about the stunt Jane pulled in the previous episode when he removed Lisbon from her team to keep her safe. She’s obviously not happy about the whole thing and tries to explain to him what being an FBI agent is about, but it’s hard to be serious when you’re having vanilla cones, so—

THE TALK is interrupted by Wylie, who calls Jane to tell him that Peterson is in Mexico. Oh-ho!


Back at the FBI, Wylie tells Jane and Lisbon that Peterson’s only phone call in the past few days was to the Congressman in DC. They assume he wants to buff his reputation by incriminating Lena and blocking her confirmation. Aaaand they are busted by Abbott! Here’s to secrecy and conspiracy.

Abbott is not entirely happy about people knowing about his deal with Peterson, but Jane assures him that they just want to help. Abbott tells Jane that Peterson wouldn’t have gone after Lena if he didn’t have any proof about his involvement in the murder of the cartel leader, and finding the bullet in the body would be his best shot.

The bad news is they only have 4 days to fix it. Yikes! On the bright side, Jane has a magical couch right there in the office that helps him think…

Lena comes over from DC after Abbott calls her with the news. They share an angtsy moment, both determined to quit their respective jobs to save each other. You know the drill. The moment, however, is interrupted by Jane who pops in and tells them both that Peterson is pissed off and wouldn’t back down just because – they need to put an end to his shenanigans for good. Both Lena and Abbott agree to go with Jane’s plan, although he refuses to share any details with them – for their own sake.

In the meantime, Wylie informs Lisbon that Peterson is back in San Antonio. Chatty Cathy that he is, he’s already spilled everything to Cho, and they both want in on Jane’s plan – whatever it might be. Lisbon is not happy (in a very motherly way – d’awww!), but her protest it halfhearted because the merrier the better. Also, because Abbott rocks, duh!

Jane joins them, and we learn basic trivia about Peterson – he’s a self-centered jerk who likes quality stuff. Figures. Also, his government paycheck would never be able to cover his hobbies and lifestyle, so there we go – he’s obviously having a side source of income and most definitely a stash somewhere. Good thing Jane has a couple of friends who could help them out.

Vega, on the other hand, is not at all happy about being excluded from the fun. Ouch!

Jane meets up with his old friend Pete (who we’ve already seen in the episodes ‘Red John’s Rules’ and ‘Cackle-Bladder Blood’, like, forever ago) and asks him for some help, revealing in passing that he and Lisbon are now dating, which makes Pete really happy. Welcome to the shipping fandom, Pete!

Afterwards Jane visits Peterson in his tennis club and they have a little chitchat about Peterson being an ass and Jane not willing to just watch him destroy Abbott. Same old, same old. It wasn’t just a social call though, because … is that Peterson’s phone that Jane is scrolling through? Hellz, yeah!


In the office, Wylie is pulling an all-nighter, trying to figure out Peterson’s stealing scheme, but it all amounts to nothing. Yet. Lisbon and Jane show up in the morning – with coffee, thank God. They all agree that Peterson’s occasional participation in raids must be how he steals stuff. During the raids, Peterson, being the senior agent, is responsible for recording the money and drugs seized. What can be easier than slipping some of the stash in his pockets now and then? On top of that, his house seems to have an over the top security system. All they have to do is get in, find the money, and voila – the guy is toast.

Lisbon from her team to keep her safe. She’s obviously not happy about the whole thing and tries to explain to him what being an FBI agent is about, but it’s hard to be serious when you’re having vanilla cones, so—

While they’re on it, Peterson gets a phone call from ‘Missy Brammer’ – the pretended Missy Brammer of course, impersonated by yet another one of Jane’s old pals, Sam. Peterson desperately tries to plant some seeds of doubt about Lena Abbott’s confirmation wherever he can, and he needs one of the Congressmen on his side. Sam/Missy tells him she’d like to meet with him and talk in person – very much so. The game’s on!

Wylie briefs Cho and Lisbon on Peterson’s security system, pointing out that he can mess a bit with the cameras and make sure it looks like the house is empty while they search it, but they’ll have to disable the alarm system by themselves. Trivia about Cho – he doesn’t like cats. Wait, what?! And I thought he was perfect…

Sick of being left out, Vega confronts Cho about the mission and insists on joining in. After all, they’re only breaking 7 laws. If it was 7,5 or 8, she’d probably think twice. Cho gives in and sends her off to spy on Peterson – because it’s obviously a safe and wise thing to do.


Abbott, concerned for his team, tries to pull the plug and shut the whole thing down, but who are they kidding here? Like you can tell Jane to stop halfway through his schemes. Please! Besides, it’s not just about Abbott and Lena, but also about Peterson being the kind of person who needs to be put away for good, period.

Vega – looking dashing, by the way – follows Peterson to his meeting with the fake Missy and overhears them talking about the evidence he has on Abbott, which he’s expected to provide the following day – which means that whatever they plan to do about it, they have to do it now. (there’s a little bit of a repetition here, you have “which” twice in the same sentence. Unless you wanted it there? Either way, just mentioning that while I’m at it)

The next morning, Wylie hacks into Peterson’s security system and watches him leave the house, with Vega in tow, obviously. As soon as both of them are gone, Cho, Jane, and Lisbon break into his house. Jane has about 90 seconds, or less, to figure out the alarm passcode. If only the cat wasn’t meowing! Gosh, their entire operation is in the paws of a pet. And Wylie. Who texted Jane the passcode that he saw Peterson punch in before he left. So much for the magic.

Okay, let’s search the house! And speaking of which, Jane is in his element – peacefully on the couch. It’s fascinating to see him hard at work.

Jeez, for a field agent, Peterson is quite possibly the least attentive person ever – Vega doesn’t even have to hide when she follows him to his meeting with Sam/Missy.

Ah, Jane’s observation skills pay off quite nicely when he notices that the candlesticks in Peterson’s living room look out of place. Oh, look, if you move one of them, you can find a hidden safe! Shame it requires Peterson’s thumbprint to be open. (Am I the only one who thought that their best way to solve this problem would be to cut off Peterson’s thumb? Yes?… Never mind)

It’s a good thing Jane has a backup plan, which involves using their own money. Which means that Wylie has to get it one way or the other from the evidence room and bring them over to Peterson’s house ASAP. Naturally, he goes to Abbott for help – you know, clearance and all. I bet Abbott regrets the last 20 years of his life by this point.

I’d be surprised if Peterson didn’t absolutely have to go back home this very moment. So, of course he does. Stall him, Wylie tells Vega. Stall him, Vega thinks, and rear-ends Peterson’s car. And it would have totally worked if only he didn’t recognize her, dammit!

It does buy them a few minutes though – just enough time for Wylie to drop off the cash, Jane to go through with his plan, and all of them to disappear. Phew! That was close.

Abbott goes to DC to support his wife during her confirmation hearing, and also to confront Peterson and show him the pictures of his cat sitting on a pile of money. D’awwww! So cute! Peterson is pissed though, thinking that Abbott is wired. Then he panics and offers Abbott half of his stash to keep his mouth shut. Nice try! By the way, Vega recorded your conversation, so….


For a moment there, Peterson doesn’t think it means anything – the Congressman still has his big bad evidence against Abbott, but this is when Jane joins their merry party. Jane AND the real Missy Brammer, who’s obviously never met Peterson before. Once they exchange some pleasantries and she’s gone, Jane tells Peterson that his dinner and visit to Brammer’s office were staged and the bullet he could use to incriminate Abbott and ruin Lena’s career is now safely in the trash. A round of applause for everyone! And then Vega takes handcuffed Peterson to where he belongs.

Back at the FBI, Jane says goodbye to Pete and Sam, but not before Sam tells him not to screw up things with Lisbon, paralleling the scene Lisbon had with her brothers in “Little Yellow House”. So much cuteness…

Later, the whole team celebrates their collective accomplishments at some kind of… night market, maybe? Anyway, there are tacos, waffles, and live music. After Abbott thanks everyone for helping him out, Vega and Wylie take off to check out the waffle stand. Asdfghjkl!!!! In the meantime, Abbott tells Cho that once he’s gone – he’ll obviously be moving to DC with Lena – Cho is going to take his place. ASDFGHJKL!! (I’m not crying)

In the background, by the waffle truck, Vega changes her mind and asks Wylie to a dance. DOUBLE ASDFGHJKL!!! (I’m pretty much dead by this point)

No, wait, this is where I’m dead….

Cho takes off to get a taco, and once he’s gone, Lisbon tells Jane they need to finish THE TALK from before. She tells him she loves him (OH MY GOD, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!), but she loves her job as well, and he can’t be jealous of it. Jane then explains that he’s not jealous of her job, he’s just scared of losing her. (DEEEEAAAAAAD) And then they dance…


I almost didn’t cry….


~Man, this episode was awesome! I mean there hasn’t been a single even remotely bad episode in season 7 so far, but the previous episode involving Peterson wasn’t half as fast-paced and fun, aside from Jane’s birthday thing. I think they did a great job wrapping up Abbott’s story with Rio Bravo. Frankly, I had my doubts about “Copper Bullet”, and I’m happy they weren’t justified. Not even a little.

~Frankly, I expected the cat to interfere with the FBI’s diabolical search of the Peterson’s place. What a wasted opportunity! I mean, come on!

~Does anyone at the FBI wonder why Jane drinks his tea from the cup that’s obviously been broken and glued together?! I know I would….

~I’m really happy they didn’t take the Jane/Lisbon conflict to the angry-angtsy level, which I feared they would. Frankly, I was worried they’d go for either some kind of angry on-the-verge-of-breaking-up fight, or the emo stuff when both Jane and Lisbon are not talking to each other and everyone at the FBI knows that something is wrong, but no one can ask anything, blah, blah, blah…. Instead, they opted for the ice-cream date and a rather light resolution. THANK YOU!!!


~It’s cool that they keep doing those heist-style episodes when we’re not in on the plan, but instead we learn about it afterwards, or in the process of execution. They’ve never done it until season 7, and it’s such a cool tool! The writing this season is amazing as well. Am I the only one hoping for a miraculous renewal?

~Pete mentioning Jane’s ring and Jane brushing it off is NOT addressing the ring issue, so I’m just going to ignore it.

~There was some seriously awesome character dynamics happening in “Copper Bullet”. We get to see Lena and Jane bonding over not wanting anything bad to happen to Abbott. Wylie was just epic, volunteering for the whole thing at the price of his sleep and God knows what else. We got to see a slightly motherly side of Lisbon. Vega and Cho were killing it, and then there were the Abbott/Jane friendship, and the development of Vega/Wylie. Great episode all over!



Jane: Don’t you love it when the stakes are high?

Lena: Dennis tells me you have one of the trickiest and most devious minds he’s worked with.
Jane: He did, did he? Ah. Well, I didn’t come here to be flattered, but, please, go on.

Cho: I hear Abbott’s in trouble.
Wylie: I’m not very good at keeping secrets.
Lisbon: Good thing you’re in the F.B.I.

Pete: I knew it. I could tell she was sweet on you.
Jane: Well, she’s a little cranky with me right now.

Jane: Don’t you have better things to do, Peterson? Like update your tennis gear? What is this?

Wylie: There are 17 security cameras, six motion sensors, and one cat.

Cho: What we’re discussing involves breaking about seven laws.
Vega: As long as it’s only seven.

Jane: Alarms give you a minute to 90-second grace period before they alert anyone. That should give me enough time to figure out the pass code.
Lisbon: Figure it out how?
Jane: The way I figure things out.

Jane: Cat alert, nine o’clock.

Jane: Lisbon, you’re killing the magic here.

Vega: So how fast were you going when you drove to San Antonio?
Wylie: Like a hundred million miles an hour. Roughly. How fast were you going when you rammed the back of Peterson’s car?
Vega: Like 3 miles an hour.

Lisbon: Do you want to dance?
Jane: Here? In front of everyone?
Lisbon: Sure.
Jane: Okay, one dance.
Lisbon: Two.
Jane: Everything is a negotiation with you.

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