Emma Watson as Belle? Okay… Maybe?


Oh boy, this week sure is big on news! Emma Watson as Belle on Beauty and the Beast? Hm….

I’m not sure what I think of the project in itself. First of all, even if I haven’t seen it yet, I know there’s been a French Beauty and the Best reboot not so long ago, with one of our own star actresses, so this feels to me a little bit like 2
012, when two Snow White movies came out at the same time. Plus, there are so many things I want to know before getting on board with this project. I have nothing against the director having worked on Twilight – someone had to direct those movies, but who’s the writer? Who’s going to play the Beast? How are they going to do the Beast? Makeup? CGI? Is it just going to be a classic retelling of the story or not? From reading chunks of Emma Watson’s interview, it seems like it’s going to be a musical. Is it, really? If so, is it just going to be a copy-and-paste of Disney’s Beauty And The Beast? I don’t know, guys. I need to know more. Am I glad that Ems is going to play Belle, though? Yes.

I love Emma Watson and everything about seeing more Emma Watson. But, dude, let’s do something original. Surely we can come up with a new princess idea for her. She’ll make a great Belle, but been there, done that, know all the words to every song. Maybe she should be the Beast, mix it up, gender swap it or something. Can the Beast also be a lady? An alien lady? Gamora? That’s the movie I want to see.

I don’t really have much to say asides from great casting choice. Though I am a bit dubious about how the rest is gonna turn out. Considering the terrible track record with live action fairy tail movies. Also, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Lumière and Cogsworth!

I’t snot Emma Watson I don’t trust, but the project itself, although I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It does sound like fun, and Emma is amazing, but I haven’t seen a successful Beauty and the Beast reboot since the original Disney film came out in 1991. There was the rather awful Beastly, and then the mistake of a TV show with Kristin Kreuk who is just incapable of acting. Also, I agree with Roz – aren’t there enough original ideas the film-making industry could develop? Oh well, I hope Emma Watson will make it work!


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