Galavant Finale Episodes 7 + 8: My Cousin Izzy… It’s All in the Executions


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My Cousin Izzy

We finally get a glimpse into Galavant’s backstory. In a flashback, we see his father (played by the delightful Anthony Head), a noble knight in his own right, encouraging him to be a hero, to be gallant and brave, and to never get married.

Meanwhile in the present, the imprisoned Galavant devises a plot to escape and take back the kingdom. Isabella’s parents quietly tell her that her cousin is on his way to save them all. And once he does, Isabella is to marry him.

Madalena intends to marry Richard’s much, much older brother, Kingsley. Richard, devastated at the betrayal, challenges Kingsley to a duel to the death… and of course, they both choose two champions to fight in their stead. Kingsley picks Gareth, and to everyone’s surprise, Galavant steps forward and volunteers to fight for Richard. Wait, what?! Galavant strikes a deal with Richard. In the event that he wins, everybody goes free. The duel is interrupted by the arrival of Isabella’s cousin, Prince Harry, who turns out to be an adorable 8 year-old boy. Richard insists they have a pre-duel feast. Sid escapes the dungeon with Isabella’s parents and the Jester.


It’s kind of like Game of Thrones. Except with more singing and less dying.

Meanwhile, Chef and his lady crush, Gwynne, are terrified of being trampled by the upcoming kingdom upheaval. They take advantage of the impromptu feast, and plan to poison all the attendees. However, Chef can’t do it out of the goodness in his heart, and he instead serves everybody food items that they’re all allergic to. He and Gwynne share a tender kiss, but are promptly captured for their misdeeds.

Because peasants deserve love too.

Because peasants deserve love too.

In a big, climactic moment, Galavant saves Isabella from the crab she can’t eat, ignores his father’s anti-feeling, pro-heroism belief, and reveals his feelings for her. Richard has had enough, and demands to duel his own battle. However, Kingsley doesn’t follow suit, and Richard is to fight Gareth, his BFF since he was 10.

It’s All in the Executions

The crew’s back in the dungeons. Galavant and Richard grab a pint, bonding over their mutual hatred of Madalena. They get astoundingly drunk. King Richard reveals that he’s a virgin, and they plan to kill Kingsley in his sleep before the duel. However, Kingsley captures them and throws them into the dungeon. Again.



Galavant and Isabella finally share their first kiss, but it’s dramatically cut short by Gareth, who clubs him over the head with a bench. Gareth is furious that Richard has basically walked himself into a death trap. Not wanting his best friend to die, he secretly arranges a pirate ship to take Richard back to his kingdom, with Galavant to protect him. The castle is thrown into chaos, and Madalena orders the death of the rest of the prisoners. However, Gareth releases all of them except for Sid, who is kept for insurance.



Madalena, finally knowing what sort of man she wants, stabs Kingsley to death and Gareth becomes her king, resulting in the scariest looking couple in the history of TV.

And thus, the season ends, with Galavant and Richard on their way to another Kingdom, Valencia being ruled by Madalena and Gareth, and Isabella waiting for her true love to come back.

The Verdict

Can I just say, WOW! More things happened in the last two episodes than it did in the entire season, almost to the point where it felt like a frenzy, but I am absolutely thrilled. Even though we only get a combined 45 minutes of screen time, we manage to spend enough time with all the characters, so much so that none of them feel left out.

Galavant and Richard working together was just as delightful as I expected it to be. They played off of each other’s flaws so well and their dynamic is so bizarre and hilarious that it almost seems improbable. However, I have to say, Richard always steals the scene, regardless of who he appears with. He arguably has the most charisma and the best singing voice out of all the characters in the show, trumping Galavant by a long shot. They should’ve called this show Richard instead.


I mean, just look at those curly locks!

Though I do feel Kingsley left the show a little bit too soon, as his villainy wasn’t fully explored. His death was rather unexpected, though I assume it was eventually going to happen, knowing Madalena.

“Goodnight, My Friend” is one of my favourite songs out of the show so far. It’s not quite as humorous as the other numbers, but this one really pulled at my heartstrings. I’ve always loved Richard and Gareth’s best friendship, and the song really spoke volumes about how deep their feelings run for each other.

And while the characterizations are bit lumpy and inconsistent – especially with Galavant and Isabella – the cast really does feel well-rounded and not at all burdensome. Every single one of them, as much as they are cliche, they’re extremely likeable and each brings a unique flavour to the show. Though a lot of them are rather one-dimensional, it’s nothing a few more seasons can’t fix, if you know what I mean. /nudge nudge/

The show as a whole is fantastic. Kind of similar to early Community. You’ve got an ensemble cast, meta jokes, and the willingness to push boundaries. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, yet the humour is subtle and clever enough to keep you intrigued. It doesn’t underestimate its audience at all, and that, my friends, is what makes a good show.

It’s obvious with how the show leaves things, they weren’t too sure that they were going to get a second season. For Christ’s sake, the song that wraps up the end even goes, “Will all the singing kill our Nielsen ratings? Sid, the peasants, the entire crew, will they be back for Season 2? Who knows?” It wraps up enough plot points where we’re satisfied, but it also leaves us wanting more. I hope to god they keep this show going.

Fingers crossed!

The Breakdown

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