Fantastic Four: New Teaser Trailer!!


Bring it on, 2015, Year of the Superhero Movies. Check out the new teaser trailer for the new Fantastic Four reboot.


I don’t know. The trailer’s cool and everything. I have faith that it’ll definitely be better than the previous films. It honestly shouldn’t be that hard to beat them, because holy fuck were they baaaad. However, the entire trailer has a ‘been there done that’ kind of feeling to it. We’ve seen this images before, and it doesn’t feel fresh.

It’s strange seeing Miles Teller as anything else other than a high school/college douchebag who thinks he’s hotter than molten lava. Kate Mara annoys me. None of her smiles seem to reach her eyes. Michael B Jordan will never be able to fill Chris Evans’ shoes. In my heart, anyway. I’ve always enjoyed Jamie Bell’s performances, so no comment there.

Also, yes, they do look like twinks, but they’re all in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Who knew?!


Y’all look like you guys just graduated high school. WTF?


I’m always reasonably cautious when it comes to reboots – you never know if it’s going to be the best thing since the beginning of time, or the nightmare you’d want to wipe out of your memory. We’ve seen both, I guess.



I liked the original The Fantastic Four released in 2005 just fine, although it’s never been my favourite of the Marvel films, and I want to believe that the new one won’t disappoint. The trailer for the reboot is a bit disappointing though – for an action film it wasn’t action-y enough to keep my attention for more than 10 seconds. Come on! If this is how they advertise it, what’s the final product gonna be like? A snooze fest? Now, the drama is appreciated of course, but they could have gone for something more dynamic – it’s not deep high concept stuff after all! Yet, there’s some promising vibe so it, so…. Fingers crossed!


Well, well, well… That trailer doesn’t look half bad! I’m still angry that they’ve made everyone so young. They’re astronauts! Come on. </ me rolls eyes> The whole thing has a CW vibe that feels superhero/space opera cheesy. BUT, I’m a sucker for comic book cheddar. So, let’s do this! The Fantastic Four are not my favourite group, unless She-Hulk is around, but I’m digging the dramatic theme of exploration running through the teaser. No real hint of Doom so far, and that’s going to be what really makes or breaks this movie. It doesn’t matter how awesome your good guy peeps are if the villain drops a stinking turd of lameness into the hero soup. Early reports about the hot mess of this movie talked Dr. Doom as a disgruntled blogger. So… suspicious fan is suspicious. Still, it looks kind of cool, right?

Okay, I'm sold. Kinda.

Okay, I’m sold. Kinda.


I always get condescending eye rolls from my friends when I say that as a kid, I genuinely enjoyed the Fantastic Four animated series. Sure, they were not my favourite group (it went X-Men, Wild C.A.T.S, then Justice League, Iron Man + Patriot, then Fantastic Four), but I liked that one of them lit on fire. The movies were… what they were. The first one was passable. The second one… I don’t know about this one, because the friend I saw it with kept whispering something about incest between Johnny and Susan and I had to shut her up with the help of a handful of popcorn and an empty soda can. But I digress.

Try to get THAT image out of your mind.

Try to get THAT image out of your mind.

Back in the very beginnings of the blog, I raised a dubious eyebrow at the cast of the reboot, mostly because, like Roz, I think they’re all way too young. Aside from that, I’m on board! I’m digging the atmosphere of the trailer. Am I the only one who thinks that it almost feels like a less scary Alien? I don’t know how good it’s going to be in the end but I want to trust Josh Trank (whose first feature stays one of my favourite of 2012). I’m in.'

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