Galavant Episode 3 + 4: Two Balls, Comedy Gold


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Two Balls

The trio are still on their way to Valencia. They come upon Sid’s Jewish hometown, and at the very last second, he tells Isabella and Galavant that he might’ve tweaked the truth about who he is… or who he told his parents he was. In fact, he had told his whole hometown that he was a knight in shining armour who fought dragons and rescued damsels in distress. Oh, and Galavant was his squire.

To keep up the ruse, Isabella pretends to be Sid’s fiancee, and Galavant is stuck with being the miserable squire. Sid’s enthusiastic parents (his mother being Broadway singer Faith Prince!) decide to throw a ball in their honour. Stuck with doing the dirty work, being shouted at all day, joining other bitter squires in song, Galavant finally understands how shitty of a job this is. With his massive ego deflated ever so slightly, he apologizes to Sid and tells him he loves him (but won’t repeat it).

Meanwhile in Valencia, King Richard is still trying to please his frigid wife. When he suggests a ball to lift everybody’s spirits (including the oppressed Valencians), she jumps at the opportunity to ‘work on a routine’ with the jester. Richard, excited as ever, goes on planning a ball with the limited amount of resources he has. The Valencian band was slaughtered. There’s no food because he burned it all. And the people hate his guts so nobody’s in the mood to party.



After realizing what a dud his party is, he asks the people to roast him. The people shout insults at him and everybody’s having a great time, until the Eunuch decides to laugh at the King for not realizing his wife is cheating on him. The party comes to a screeching halt and the King demands the Eunuch be killed.

Comedy Gold

The trio are almost there! Since they’re spending practically every moment of every day together, they’re starting to get on each other’s nerves. Isabella’s starting to feel the guilt of betraying Galavant, Galavant is starting to fall for Isabella, and Sid’s just… Sid. A group of ‘land-pirates’ ambush them, led by none other than Hugh Bonneville (of the Downton Abbey alumni). They sing and dance, and they take Isabella’s jewel.


I would not mind seeing a whole new Pirates of the Caribbean franchise based on these singing pirates. At all.

They quickly realize that these pirates really blow at being pirates. The Pirate King reveals himself to be Peter Pillager, one of the greatest pirates to ever be. However, after spending so much time in close proximity with other idiot pirates, his pirating skills have gone a little lax. The Pirate King offers Galavant a position on his crew, but insults Isabella by calling her a mouth-breather, and Galavant leaps to her defence. After realizing that they’re stronger together, Galavant offers to get the Pirate King’s ship off of the hill, and in return, they will take them to Valencia by water.

In Valencia, King Richard is fuming over his wife’s infidelity. He mourns over the fact that he’s not remotely funny, and perhaps that’s why Madalena picks the Jester over him. However, he has a plan! And what is that plan? Oh no, it’s not ‘kill the jester’. It’s ‘get the Jester to make him more funny, so Madalena will finally pay attention to him’. Perfect.

No matter how the Jester teaches him how to be funny, the King just doesn’t quite get it. He puts on a standup show for Madalena and the oppressed Valencians, but nobody finds him funny. The Jester backs out of his affair with Madalena, so she throws him in the dungeon with no remorse.

The Verdict

Two Balls was definitely an adorable look into Sid’s background, but it didn’t offer much in regards to story progression. I did enjoy the moment that Sid and Galavant shared, but the rest of the episode was mostly forgettable. Which is why I think releasing two episodes at once is a rather smart choice.

Comedy Gold is a much better episode, the story’s much more well-rounded, and the characters are finally progressing. While I thought Galavant and Isabella’s relationship was moving too fast in the second episode, I think they really hit the sweet spot with the 4th, now that they’ve known each other for longer and they actually have reasons to like each other.

I’m not too sure where King Richard’s storyline is going. He is no doubt incredibly likeable, but every episode seems to be the same. With him trying to woo his bitchy wife and getting nowhere. Hopefully that’ll lead somewhere soon!

Stay tuned!

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