Ant-Man trailer: A Small Disappointment?


Ant-Man is upon us! As Marvel proved when it revealed its plan for the next few years, the studio still has a lot of exciting cards up its nerdy sleeves. But after all the pre-production trouble that the project went through, is it really still one of them? Here are the Buns’ thoughts.


Sometimes it’s not easy to get the feel of the film based just on the trailer, and Ant-Man is definitely one of those films. The trailer that Marvel aired during the premiere of their brilliant Agent Carter was rather plain and, I’ve got to admit, it didn’t make me sit on the edge of my couch, biting my nails and counting the days till July 17. However, it seems to be rather humorous, which is never a bad thing. And they have Paul Rudd. Yes, okay, they had me at Paul Rudd. I’d watch that guy in anything, so here’s to hoping that Ant-Man will actually be decent. I’m nowhere near as excited about it as I am about, say, Age of Ultron, but I hope it’ll make a nice summer flick


My first thought when I watched the trailer was “Oh boy.” Not in a “oh boy, I think my panties won’t be able to handle the awesomeness of this trailer” but in a “oh boy, I’m happy that Age of Ultron will eclipse this movie completely” kind of way. Ant-Man doesn’t look awful, mind you, but compared to what we’re used to, I doubt this will be a success. Even the few attempts at humour didn’t quite get me. I hope Marvel realizes they should have kept Edgar Wright around. But hey, it could still be watchable. I’ll give it a shot.'

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