The Mentalist: Fake Engagements And ‘Black Market’ Shenanigans

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Oh wow, “Black Market” was such a wild ride! Diamonds, engagements, psychic Lisbon.  Do I have your attention yet?… Good!

The episode opens up with Lisbon trying on an expensive engagement ring. I swear to God I could hear the entire fandom gasp and stop breathing. Who wouldn’t? And then she turns around and gives a big smooch to… Cho? Wait, what?

Gem heist alert, folks! It’s like Flawless (2007), only tucked into the cozy 45 minutes.

After the expert waiting with Jane in the car confirms that the ring is one of the recently stolen items, Lisbon and Cho head back to interrogate the jewelry shop owner. Jane is feeling a little under the weather, but it doesn’t stop him from hollowing the merry party and ruining the jeweler’s game with his assistant. Ouch! Well, that’s what you get for messing with the married man. But, aside from calling him out on cheating, there’s nothing the FBI can actually pin on the guy. Not with 40 more minutes of the episode left, for that matter.

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Back at the headquarters, Cho is still pissed at Vega for lying to him in the previous episode. If this storyline doesn’t go somewhere soon, or if I hear Vega apologize to him one more time, I’ll start shooting the puppies.

And speaking of which… Abbott makes Cho take Vega with him to interrogate the suspects instead of Lisbon because that’s how we do it in kindergarten – play nice, kids! I mean, come on!

So, Cho and Vega head to the traveling gem show – am I the only one thinking traveling circus now? No? Good! – and the suspects multiply before our eyes!  Kirk Upton, for example, looks very nervous and very out-of-place curious. Such a shame he ends up dead 10 minutes later. In other words – the plot thickens!

In the meantime, Abbott’s wife, Lena, drops by the office to share some great news – it appears that she’ll get her much awaited promotion! Also – how adorable are the two of them? Side note – Abbott is one of my most favorite characters on The Mentalist right now because he rocks! Also, because he’s a Jisbon shipper. I’m biased, I know.

Cut to the show – being dead doesn’t make Upton less of a suspect, but as the team keeps on questioning his family and colleagues, it becomes more and more clear that he was too much of a cautious coward to pull off something this big and risky. Besides, on top of the heist case, they now also have to find out who killed Upton. Isn’t this day full of fun?

Cho and Vega find out that Upton seemed to be in conflict with the gem show appraiser that totally looks like she bites people’s heads off for breakfast. Oh, look! Her daughter seems to know Kirk a bit too well. Hm….

Stuck in the office, Jane asks Wylie to tap into the live security footage so that he could tell Cho his fly is open see what’s going on. He doesn’t get to see too much though before Abbott sends him home – who needs a fainting pseudo psychic in their office? I kind of like how we get to see more of Abbott in this episode. As Cho and Vega keep working on the case, Abbott takes off to have a dinner with his wife and her new boss, and oh-ho-ho, there’s something he’s not telling about one of his early missions! But let’s not jump ahead just yet.

Oh, gotta feel bad for Vega when Cho tells her it was Abbott that who made them work together – totally not his idea. But seriously, can Vega stop apologizing? It got old even before she did it the first time, jeez! I mean, okay, you’re bored waiting for the suspect, but can’t you talk, I don’t know, about movies or something?

Back to the case –the whole jewelry feud was apparently a part of a bigger scheme, sort of. One of the jewelers of the show called Walker Pond owed some serious money to the really bad guys, and he honesty thought he got Kirk killed by lending him his hoody – like the professionals would make such mistake. Anyway, Pond decided to take off just in case, but Cho and Vega got him and whoever was after him, although it got them nowhere near solving the case at hand. No good very bad day!

But trust Jane to know hot to deal with it, and he’s happy to share the details with Lisbon as soon as she gets him some soup. Tomato or bean, please. I totally turned into a puddle of goo, listening to their phone conversation. There’s so much cuteness going on you could definitely head the fandom’s collective ‘Awwwww!’

Cut to Abbott who has to deal with some personal drama. It appears that whatever happened a gazillion years ago can seriously affect his wife’s new job because ‘squeaky clean’ is the thing, and he is advised to step back and start a rumor about the two of them being separated. Ouchie! What will it be – his wife career or their marriage? Tough call!

Oh, right, there’s a case going on!

So, the plan is to send Lisbon to the gem show in Jane’s shoes, figuratively speaking, and make her reveal the criminal using her ‘psychic’ abilities, and OMG GUYS I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR PSYCHIC LISBON EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW! Poor girl though, even with Jane whispering in her ear, it must have been a stressful experience. Jane, on the other hand, probably had way too much fun with all this – as much as he could, being sick and all that.


I wouldn’t say I KNEW it was the appraiser’s daughter, too tired of her mother’s dominance and not having an opinion of her own, but it wasn’t a particularly big revelation. What is totally beyond me is why the hell didn’t she try to take off the moment the feds showed up?

Although who cares about the case when there’s so much drama going on? Abbott talks to Lena and tells her he doesn’t want to move. She’s not stupid – points for that – and calls him out on the reasons behind his decision, knowing it has something to do with one of his earlier cases. He doesn’t reveal anything though, saying that the less she knows, the less she’d have to lie if asked directly. Is this show trying to kill me or what?! Lena walks away, upset, and we don’t know how this storyline is going to be resolved. Come on!

Vega – ONCE AGAIN FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME – tries to prove that she’s worthy of Cho’s trust, and then – ONCE AGAIN FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME – asks when she can do to make it up to him once he turns her down. I believe I haven’t left the facepalm mode for so long it’s now a part of my personality. Points to Cho for finally caving in, just a little bit, and offering her the truce. My theory is that he is just as sick of her following him around with her apologies as I am. Amen!

And now… *drum roll*

Nighttime. Jane’s camper. (He’s living in a camper? Since when?) Jane is lying on the bed, probably doped out of his mind. Colds suck, you guys! Lisbon is lying by his side, staring at the ceiling. There’s so much cuteness in how she randomly runs her fingers along his hand and how he tells her she did a great job at the gem show. It’s GOT to be the new definition of ‘adorable’. No, guys, you’ll talk about the future when you’re both awake and fine and… No, Jane, you’re not sorry you shared that bug of yours with Teresa. You are so not!



~While the case in the episode was kind of lame – I mean jewelry heist, really? – the rest of it petty much rocked. Abbott finally got a personal storyline, and a good one, too! Then there were Cho and Vega trying to work their issues out, and the sick Jane was like a cherry on top – we almost never see him being vulnerable, and it’s always interesting, to say the least. Admittedly, it’s never easy to work with an ensemble cast, but I’m quite happy with the way The Mentalist makes its characters multidimensional.

~Re the uproar regarding Lisbon kissing Cho but not Jane – come on, guys! She was undercover with Cho, they were working! She might have as well kissed a lamppost! And Jane was sick. Like, I’m all for romance and all that, but kissing someone who is sick is the least romantic thing ever. Seriously –ever! As for the speculations about the depth of their relationship crowding the message boards now – just because we haven’t seen anything doesn’t mean they’re still at the hand-holding stage. The show runners made it clear that they were not going to turn it into 50 Shades Of The Mentalist, so it’s either that, or they’re building up for something big.

~I’m starting to warm up towards Vega. She’s still mostly annoying but, being an overachiever myself, I can see where she’s coming from. Just please, of please, oh please, give her a normal story, the one that doesn’t involve running after Cho like a puppy.

~As for the other side character, I am quite happy about Abbott and the development of his storyline. He’s proven already that he is one hell of a human being, what with always having the backs of his team no matter what. I’m really curious about where his story might go from now on because, hopefully, we haven’t heard the end of it just yet.

~Jane brought up an interesting issue at the end of this episode – the future for him and Lisbon, and what it might be like in the long run. We all know that being in law enforcement is who she is, but it has never been Jane’s calling, so it’s natural for him to try and imagine his life outside of the FBI. Where does that put his relationship with Lisbon though? This show never mentions things like this without proper resolution in mind, and frankly, I’m quite anxious about what it might be.

~The Mentalist finished shooting the last episode on December 20, and the media is now full of wrap party photos and goodbye videos, so if anyone needs me, I’ll be a crying mess in the corner. Tootles!


Lisbon: Why don’t you go back to my place, jump into bed, I’ll come tuck you in as soon as we’re done.
Jane: I’d rather be here with you.

Lisbon: The engagement is off.

Cho: Apology is easy, trust is earned.

Lisbon: I have no idea what you’re gonna say but I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

Lisbon: I’m going to throw up.
Jane: Me, too.

Cho: Vega, you fall right now, you’re gonna hit the floor.


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