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DW xmas

Thinking about getting festive and need some ideas to craft your own geeky Christmas decorations? Look no further, the Plot Bunnies are on it! Pour yourself a large glass of cheer (my poison is a nice Shiraz), hit play on the tunes, and get ready to be covered in glitter!

1. Do It With Portals – Star Wars Mash Up!

I made these a few years ago by painting small mirrors blue or orange. Then I cut Star Wars figurines in half and glued them on corresponding portal pairs. Fun and super geeky, of few of these pairs decorate my tree. I like to place them far apart on the Christmas tree, so it’s work for people to find where C-3PO’s legs are. Hehe. I love crafts that mash up my favourite things.


I have a rad feeling about this.


2. Paint It On Adventure Time

finn and jake christmas

Bros before ho ho ho’s

This idea is mathematical! Look how awesome and festive! But if you read the original crafter’s post about these bad boys, this isn’t always easy to do. The type of paint and glass vs plastic ornament can really make or break your crafting project. I’ve seen people paint Pikachu or Star Wars characters on Christmas bulbs, but apparently it can be a real hassle. So, if you have the patience and no cats or children around to mess up everything, go for it! Or try suggestion number 3.

finn and jake christmas1


3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ornaments

TMNT omg

They watch me.

Glue it on! No painting skills required! These are so cute and all you need are green Christmas ball ornaments, ribbon, and googly eyes. I’m so in love with this idea, I hate all the green balls hanging on my tree that are not covered in ribbon and totally tubular. Who’s your favourite turtle? Mine’s Donatello. Obviously. ‘Cause he’s totes the best.

What else could we make with this technique? Lots of superheroes wear masks so red, gold, and blue ornament balls could also be used with ribbon. Maybe a set of Avengers? Challenge accepted!



 4. Golden Snitch

Harry Potter is an important geek category to cover with your holiday crafting. You can turn the small, gold Christmas bulbs into snitches using this tutorial. I love it! It adds some real magic to the season and you get to play with gold paint and glitter. You’ll be in the zone. The Granger zone.

snitch ornament

Squee! So shiny!


5. Fun with Felt!


Imma Mario!

Another easy way to make holiday ornaments is sewing or gluing felt pieces together. I think this is easiest with cartoon characters because they are basic, colourful shapes. Here’s a tutorial for Adventure Time characters! Go out there and get creative with it. I challenge you to get your Gravity Falls on this year! I’ve seen some pretty groovy Star Wars felt ornaments too.


These make me so happy.










I’ve focused on crafts that most people could try, but now some crafts that are art. Get ready to have your mind blown!

Special Shout Out – Star Wars Snowflakes

Whhhhhhat?! These are pretty amazing. Probably not for beginners.

SW snowflake2SW snowflake

Read more about making these unique gems here!


Extra Special Shout Out – Groot Tree Topper

Mad props to my friend Wolfie! Her custom Groot Christmas tree topper is making the internet rounds and people love it! Because it’s amazing. Another project for advanced crafters, she’s got skillz. Bask in the glow of her skillz.

groot topper

Epic. Just epic.

– Roz Y.


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